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09-15-2017, 06:28 AM
Hlo Friends,
What is the purpose of cloaking?

09-15-2017, 06:39 AM
Cloaking is a search engine optimization (SEO) technique in which the content presented to the search engine spider is different from that presented to the user's browser. ... The purpose of cloaking is sometimes to deceive search engines so they display the page when it would not otherwise be displayed (black hat SEO).

09-15-2017, 07:50 AM
Cloaking is used by black hat and it is one of the unethical practices in SEO. It uses the devices that provide deceiving mechanism for the search engines.

This directs the webpage to a place that are not visible on domain and the spiders or crawlers are analyzing for it.

Cloaking provides the use of false pages that are loaded with the keyword and other content that is search engine optimized.

09-15-2017, 08:02 AM
This technique is part of blackhat seo. One should not use it. When user search for any site then web browser displays the information of correct website but when you actually visit that information that time it redirects you to different site.

It happens many time that we search for some different site and you are redirected to pornographic site, it is nothing but cloaking. Purpose of it is that it increases the visitors for the site and site rank get increases.

09-15-2017, 08:21 AM
Cloaking is a search engine optimization technique in which the content or information presented to the user is different from that presented to search engine crawlers (i.e. spiders or bots) for better indexing. In other words, the web server is specially programmed to return different content to search engines than it returns to regular users, in an attempt to distort search engine rankings. The Search engine may permanently ban from our index any sites or site authors that engage in cloaking.

09-16-2017, 06:02 AM
Cloaking is one of the Black Hat SEO technique which is not recommended to implement. It is defined as a technique in which content is presented differently to both users and search engine in order to improve website rank on search engine.

09-19-2017, 03:49 AM
Purpose of the cloaking is to misguide the SE spiders or give the wrong information to the SE spider and different to the Users.