What not to forget when moving to Boston?

  1. dolana
    What not to forget when moving to Boston?
    All family members, even pets, participate in the move. Are you preparing for this difficult and troublesome event? Then you need to streamline the moving process. First, make a list of things that you should take with you.
    A difficult task, isn't it? But we will help you to cope with it.
    Water and food.
    You are moving to another district, region, city. Everything here is completely unfamiliar to you. Even searching for a regular grocery store takes time. Therefore, you should have at least a minimum set of products and water with you. From the products you can take with you vegetables and fruits, pasta, coffee or tea bags, canned food, a little sugar and salt, portion cream. If there is already a refrigerator in the new apartment, then you can stock up on semi-finished products.
  2. dolana
    It is clear that even a minimal set of products requires dishes: cups, spoons, plates and forks. Assemble a set of these tableware items for each family member. Add also kitchen utensils that may be needed for cooking: a small saucepan, a knife, a cutting board. If the family is large, you can take a slow cooker with you. She can cook almost everything: first, second, casserole, pastries, and takes up not so much space.
    Clothes and shoes.
    You are leaving this house forever and, of course, you will take all your things with you. But you need to make a minimum stock of clothes and shoes for, which will be needed in the near future. All this is carefully packed and folded separately from all luggage. Here you also need to add an iron, a steamer, a clothes brush everything that will help put things in order after unpacking.
    Remember about gadgets. Today, life without them is "like without hands." Put together a phone, tablet, laptop, chargers, power bank, flash drives.
  3. dolana
    Personal hygiene items.
    Do not forget to bring a classic set of personal hygiene items: soap, shampoo, shower gel, toilet paper, air freshener. You will also need accessories – a toothbrush, soap dish, hair dryer, combs. Complete the list with other means necessary for you: cosmetics, hair masks, creams, lotions and more.
    Pillows, blankets, sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers – without all this it is difficult to imagine normal sleeping conditions. To avoid the "extreme" and not to sleep "in camping conditions", be sure to bring bedding with you.
    Children's things.
    It is advisable to make a separate list of things for the child. Teenagers can pack their own things. It is enough then to check whether nothing is forgotten. But the smallest ones need particularly careful preparation for the move. Mom needs to take into account all the nuances of the child's age and pack a separate set of necessary things for him.
  4. dolana
    First aid kit.
    A necessary attribute of any trip is a first aid kit. Before you start packing it, check whether the expiration date of the medicines has expired. Make sure that the bottles of liquid medicines are sealed tightly. Expired medicines, with lids not tightly closed, it is better to throw them out immediately. This way you will avoid health problems and will not get things dirty because of the leaked balm or extract.
    Men will never leave tool kits to new owners. For them, this is too big a sacrifice for which they are not ready. In addition, in a new place, you will probably have to hammer a nail, hang a cornice or fix the faucet in the bathroom. Therefore, home tools must be taken with you.
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