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  • Trademarkregistration

    We help in your trademark search by conducting the search using trademark(™) director. We also conduct a detailed check on the trademark logo and brand name that you had selected to ensure that it is not yet registered under anybody else’s name. The trademark can be registered once it is found to be unique. In case your logo or brand name is already registered by someone else, we help you find ways to modify it so that your registration does not get cancelled.

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    MAX GLOBAL is here to ease your day!

    We handle all brands and all types of household equipment.

    Call Us or visit our WEB Page

    Contact: (559) 387-5558


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    With us, you will get advantages like

    1. Free service call with repair

    2. Free estimate if we do the job

    3. Fair pricing

    4. Same day service

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  • Packers and Movers Adyar

    There are lots of packers and movers in Adyar, Chennai but when we talk about the best services then I would like to recommend DHL Cargo Packers and Movers. They will provide the trustworthy services to the customers. They has set a benchmark in the relocation services in Adyar, chennai.

    Visit us @

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    Packers and Movers Adyar
  • Massmailservers

    Our cheap SMTP servers allow you to send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers with free email marketing software with rich tracking features i.e opens, bounces, unsubscribe, clicks etc…

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    Unlimited SMTP Server

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