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    5 best practices for Clean Code

    What is clean code?

    Many developers still think that Clean code is all about writing as few lines as possible.
    But this is not entirely true.
    Clean code is all about making understandable code....
  2. How to get brands to give you sponsored Instagram post

    • Establish Your Instagram Brand
    • Post Regularly and Consistently
    • Understand and Know Your Audience
    • Make Use of Hashtags and Geotags
    • Incorporate Brands in Your Instagram Posts
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    Why is VueJS constantly growing?

    Vue has got everything for making development easy and smooth.
    The most significant factor happens to be the gentle learning curve.
    Apart from this, Vue is flexible, lightweight, as well as...
  4. How to create a content marketing strategy

    Define your target
    Perform personal research
    Create a content brainstorming list
    Consider a management system
    Manage and publish your content
  5. Marketing platforms for developers

    - CraigsList
    - Hot Cards
    - Pinterest
    - Webpushr
    - Instagram
    - SendInBlue
    - LinkedIn
  6. Why is Content Marketing Important for any Firm?

    Content Marketing is not sales of products/services,
    because increases lead to a more customer base.
    because everybody searches online
    because content includes DIY tutorials, blogs, and posts
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    Digital Marketing Trends

    1. Instagram Advertising
    2. TikTok's Crazy Rise
    3. Tell A Real Story
    4. Ecommerce is Growth
    5. Segmented Targeting
    6 . Influencer Marketing
  8. Internet Marketing Strategies to boost your sales

    1. Keyword Research
    2. Links Building
    3. Sitemap Optimization
    4. Strategy
    5. Social Media
    6. Content
    7. Traffic Monitoring
    8. Ranking
    9. Website Optimization
  9. How to become an incredible developer?

    - Have a positive attitude
    - Foster deep knowledge
    - Keep up to date with new technologies
    - Learning ability
    - Communication skills
    - Time management
    - Be a team player
    - Expertise is...
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    7 Growth Hacks for Businesses

    1. Prioritize content marketing
    2. Use Facebook and Google customer retargeting.
    3. Use exit-intent coupon
    4. Show social proof
    5. Use content upgrades
    6. Use call-to-action across social media...
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    What can you do with JavaScript?

    Like most languages, JavaScript can be used for almost any purpose, in principle

    In practice, however, JavaScript is largely limited to four areas:

    1. Frontend web development, i.e. web...
  12. Which Platforms do Marketers Target with their Visual Content?

    1. Blog/landing pages - 62%
    2. Facebook - 49%
    3. Instagram - 47%
    4. Print/Branding Materials - 43%
    5. LinkedIn - 42%
  13. Why should you develop UI with VueJS?

    1. Flexibility
    2. High performance
    3. User-friendly development
    4. Integrates easy
    5. Supports two-way data binding
    6. Small app size
    7. Tooling ecosystem
    8. Future maintenance
    9. Computed...
  14. StartUp Key Elements for a Business

    1. Strategy
    2. Hopes & Fears
    3. Human Resources
    4. Market Analysis
    5. StartUp
    6. Core Idea
    7. Identity
    8. Funding
    9. Vision
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    What is VueJS good for?

    - Fast websites and applications - Landing pages, blogs
    - Sites with high load - Online stores, information portals
    - SPA - Social networks, microblogging services, CMS, etc.
    - Adaptive interfaces...
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    5 types of branding strategies

    1. Company Name Branding
    2. Individual Branding
    3. Attitude Branding
    4. Brand Extension Branding
    5. Private - Label Branding
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    5 Fun Games to Learn CSS

    1. Flexbox Froggy: practice your CSS flex skills!
    2. CSS Diner 🍽: practice using css selector to get the orders!
    3. CSS Speedrun: practice your css selector skills!
    4. Grid Attack: practice css...
  18. Main Ingredients of Successful SEO

    1- Align what you are going to write about with what your audience is already searching For.

    2- While you’re mainly addressing your potential customers, you need to optimize your content with...
  19. 4 Free E-Books that can help teach you JavaScript

    1. JavaScript Design Patterns
    2. Mostly Adequate Guide to Functional Programming
    3. Speaking JavaScript
    4. Eloquent JavaScript
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    Business development process

    1. Conduct extensive market research.
    2. Raise visibility and awareness.
    3. Promote thought leadership.
    4. Conduct outreach.
    5. Qualify leads.
    6. Provide exemplary customer service.
    7. Develop...
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    What is Virtualization?

    You may have heard of VMs before, but let’s break down what virtualization is.

    Prior it was common for companies to use one machine for one application.

    For example, a company’s database would...
  22. StartUp Key Elements for a Business

    1. Strategy
    2. Hopes & Fears
    3. Human Resources
    4. Market Analysis
    5. StartUp
    6. Core Idea
    7. Identity
    8. Funding
    9. Vision
  23. Majority of bugs we face as developers

    Let’s go through each one, and discuss a simple way you can fix your code fast!*****
    Formatting Errors - These are common and sometimes really hard to notice. Check online if there are...
  24. Data Type for well-rounded persona building

    1. Demographics : The Basic structure of a population based on geography, income, level of education, and other standard descriptive attributes
    2. Psychographic : Your customer's values, opinions,...
  25. What is Terraform and How does it Work?

    Terraform is an IaC tool that lets you define both cloud and on-premises resources in human-readable config files that allow you to version, reuse, and share.

    Using a consistent workflow,...
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