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  1. Best way to redirect mobile users to Wordpress mobile theme

    I have a network of 100+ Wordpress sites (subdomain installation, based on several different themes), and I need to redirect all mobile users to a mobile theme. I know there is several options (php...
  2. creating responsive layout email newsletters

    I have a regular newsletter which goes out to an opt in list.
    How do I go about creating an email newsletter that will respond to a user's screen size without knowing their chosen method of reading...
  3. Responsive Design versus separate site

    My view, as far as mobiles are concerned, has always been that a separate mobile site (or a sub domain) has always been the best way to go forward if you want desktop and mobile versions of your...
  4. Do you BUY on mobile websites? shopping cart or not?

    So, mobile traffic is growing, many read on their smartphones and tablets, many consume content and will contact you regarding diff matters of your business. But how many will buy using smartphones /...
  5. Mobile Web Design and Development (Responsive Design, HTML5)

    This new forum on Mobile Web Design and Development is about responsive design (HTML5) and development of web sites and services for smartphones and tablet devices.

    It's not OS-specific, so if...
  6. Where to learn mobile web development?

    Hi, I have experience in developing HTML web sites with Dreamweaver 8/Photoshop and also with setting up Wordpress sites.

    I'm an old timer and haven't learned mobile web development yet. Could...
  7. How Can You Stop Google Disfiguring Mobile Sites?

    Google will not allow our device detection script to work and she distorts our mobile site.

    With all the attention given to mobile site development, seems like this would be the discussion of the...
  8. Replies

    SERPS For Mobiles

    As far as I am aware the entries in the G SERPS are exactly the same when viewed from a desktop as when viewed from a mobile. In essence, G has no mobile SERPS.

    The question I have been asking...
  9. How to spruce up a site for mobile viewing?

    How to spruce up a site for mobile viewing?
  10. Developing Responsive Designs With Opera Mobile Emulator

    Are you wading into the brave new world of responsive design - building websites that adapt intelligently to various devices? The folks at Opera created a tool (the Opera Mobile Emulator) that lets...
  11. Google Page Experience: Upcoming Search Ranking Change

    Google is planning a search ranking change incorporating Core Web Vitals [], and planning for the new algorithm to roll out in 2021.

    The User Experience is to be come a ranking...
  12. Does Google treat as different sites?

    Hi, we have a large area of our site that is reference content. It is useful, but when users come in externally from google, most of the time they immediately get their answer and then leave. This...
  13. Google not indexing my website after each post automatically

    many of my recents posts are not indexed by google . say for example one of my recent <snip> was added to google only after manually indexing in google search console . its not indexing automatically...
  14. Using 410 code to deindex a big section of a website

    Hi everyone,

    I need advice for something i attempt to do.

    I have a website divided in 2 sections, one with a lot of trafic around 10 000 urls and an other part with 20 000 urls with really poor...
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    GSC Redirect Errors

    In GSC is anyone else getting what they call "Redirect error" such as:
  16. How do I add the extra Links you see in Google searches?


    I noticed something from a few sites from a search results. When I google searched a Service, a lot of results showed up with the typical web address, Clickable Title and the brief...
  17. Mysterious 404 URL is indexed while 200 version is not

    Something weird is going.

    I redesigned a website and went live.

    We changed a lot of URLs using 301s, which resolved just fine.

    But I just noticed that many of my blogs aren't indexed....
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    Carefully phase in grammar checkers

    Most people aren't Shakespeare and could use a bit of help with content writing. There are many different browser & CMS add-ons that can help like Grammarly. Not having typos and correctly using...
  19. Fake Organic Traffic - Is it Harmful ? & How Get Rid Of it ?

    Both Google Analytics and Wordpress Jetpack are showing this since yesterday - abnormally high organic traffic from google Screenshot : [ ] The real users should be around 20-30 (real time)....
  20. Can I use same keyword in blog and service page

    Let's say if I use my targetted keyword in article pages also with the right URL structure (, and also point with its topic at the end of the article (Hubspot...
  21. How to Remove Web Results From Google Search

    Google has just published an updated document on how to remove web results from Google Search.

    It's a short document and has three sections:-
    1. For Creators and site owners,
    2. For Others
  22. "Data-no snippet" How to Stop Parts of a Google SERPs Snippet From Showing

    In Google search, if there's part of a snippet you don't want to show, the "data-no snippet" could be your solution. Here's a short video from John Mueller on control.
  23. Google Image Rendering Bug Causes Some Failures in Top Stories

    Google has said it's fixing a bug that is causing some images in Top Stories on SERPs to fail to render properly.

    It's working on a fix.
  24. Google rank dropped 50 positions after new core update


    My most important keyword dropped from 3rd position to 5th page on monday the 7th of July. I have read that some websites have had issues since sunday when google started updating a new...
  25. How long for Google to Index a New Website

    For those who have launched a new website recently (within the past year), how long did it take for Google to index your entire website? This is my first new venture in years. While I have yet to...
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