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  1. Google Ads asking to verify your identity

    Good afternoon everyone.

    Lately, I got a message in one of my lots of google Ads account, saying I need to validate my identity. (We need additional documents to validate your identity) and that...
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    Problem with GSC indexing

    The sitemap on my website got read on 11-Feb but today at 21-feb the article is still not showing in Google Search Console. Is there still the problem with Google indexing as some youtubers were...
  3. Anyone using Web story for your site?

    heard is good to grab more traffic than those site without story.
    I do know Google itself have web story WP plugin but I find it a lot hard to do it
    have to one by one insert photo of your content...
  4. Why doesn't Google index articles on free blogging platforms?

    I post articles on such platform blogs:

    The result is null. Google simply does not want to index articles on such sites. I ordered the...
  5. How I can rank my web site and give the traffic

    hello all, I created a web site and I put the ads from Adsense, I don't know how I can rank my site and give the traffic

    thank you all
  6. new site but can't generate good organic traffic

    Hello everyone, I know that there are very experienced people here and for this I am sure that I will find great help for my "problem".
    About 6 months ago I created a new, custom site from scratch,...
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    Do You Use Google Products?

    As a webmaster, do you use google products?
    Some use Chrome and google search to build links thus telling google that they are building links. Where's the logic there?
  8. Yahoo Directory for Arabic Websites

    I paid Yahoo $300 for listing my website clarioncomputers .... but they refuse it because its an Arabic language... also they refused to refund me. :(
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    Yahoo mail got a makeover

    Soon after Google announced that Apps are no longer free for business, yahoo mail got a makeover.
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    Does yahoo have group video chat?

    okay i have been looking for this since ages when i used to chat with my uncle..
    does yahoo really have a feature called group video chat???
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    banned advertising on yahoo

    So I was advertising in yahoo and got banned! I wasn't even that spammy I would answer the question and then post my youtube chanell and say that I have more info there. How can i advertise on yahoo...
  12. Is Yahoo best search engine for SEO?

    Whether Yahoo is the best search engine for SEO?
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    The Link Between SEO and Podcasts. ... Think...

    The Link Between SEO and Podcasts. ...
    Think Quality Above All Else. ...
    Create a Catchy Title. ...
    Write an Informative Description. ...
    Determine a Focus Keyword for Each Episode. ...
    Build a...
  14. How do I open a Yahoo account without a cell phone ?


    I do not have a cellphone number that I wish to give to Yahoo. How can I open an account?

    Can anyone here let me user their mobile phone?
  15. Which Yahoo products are you still using?

    Which Yahoo products are you still using?

    Are you using any still?
  16. Yahoo Email deleted all my emails..

    I had my Yahoo account since 18 Years old. I logged into my account after like a year or 2 at max on 29 May 2019.
    When, I logged in A messaged Poped out that your account is being made as it...
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    How can you recover your email?

    Hi I tried the recovery feature but it dont work, is there any other way to recover your yahoo email? Thanks.
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    Video Loads Automatically

    Whether I sign in using Yahoo Classic or the New Version, an advertising video loads automatically in my Inbox and every other empty folder.

    I can stop it and X out of it but it still starts...
  19. Top Contacts defunct but still appearing

    When I start typing in the search box in Yahoo Mail (latest version) addresses that are no longer in my contacts list and where all mail to/from them has been deleted (and deleted from 'deleted...
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    Backlinks from Yahoo answers

    Is it worthwhile actually trying to get backlinks from Yahoo answers? Are these links do follow or no follow or does it matter?
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    Yahoo Webmaster Tool

    I have work on Google webmaster tool to get ranking on Google. I am interested to get good ranking of my site on and I want to know Yahoo Webmaster tool. If any member of the forum has...
  22. My Email Info On Right Side Of Page


    When I email myself, it shows the name that I used to sign up, my first name initial, my yahoo email address, and my phone number but they are not displayed when IA sign into my email...
  23. have anyone tried yahoo group posting?

    anyone tried it as like Facebook group posting . ?
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    Is Yahoo still worth the effort?

    Is it still worth the effort to start working on my website positions in Yahoo?
  25. Yahoo mail won't let me change my password

    A phishing site got my password so I have to change it immediately. I've spent a few hours trying every way, used a search engine to find help but their suggestions were ones I'd already tried. used...
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