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  1. Shared hosting doesn't offer Zend framework? Is that normal?

    I have heard of the Zend Framework and Optimizer in the past in connection with commercial PHP scripts, but never before had an occasion to need it. I am now looking at deploying a script that...
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    Bind IP Address To Domain On Server

    I've begun using a new server but am having an issue. Sometimes when I do subcontracted work I like to utilize one of my servers IP address' to send to the contractor for proof etc..

    In Plesk it...
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    What is the html code for google maps?

    I am trying to make a google map in my maps. What is the html code of the pop up window from the teardrop that would allow you to have the picture next to the text. It is currently what google uses...
  4. Thread: Dropdown Menu

    by cecilio

    Dropdown Menu

    Request some support on fixing dropdown menu.

    I have added a drop down menu for a site Iím working and tested same on internet explorer then it working perfect, but same tested on Netscape then...
  5. Wordpress Duplicate Pages - What Is The Easiest Way

    A run a blog off Wordpress and I'm having duplicate content issues. I've noticed that if I link to another one of my sites the link will show up from 1. The "main" post and 2. The "tag" category....
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    most important SEO tips

    knowing the most important seo tips will lead to your business success. what i believed from my experience in getting traffic using the search engines is that using the proper keyword density and...
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    Who's the major proxy hosting provider ?

    I had a proxy site with a non popular hosting provider. but a month ago they dropped. and I lost my files...

    I was just wondering, is there any major hosting peovider who allows peoxy ? I need...
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    ffmpeg / video hosting

    If you want to start a video upload website you need new technologies such as: ffmpeg, mencoder, mplayer, flvtool2. Anyone knows which hosting providers are the best out there?
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    Domain Transfer & Email Data

    Hi All,

    I have a domain and hosting from one on the local hosting provider. Now I want to transfer my domain to and hosting to I have my email addresses at Google Apps......
  10. does autoblog suitable for domain development?

    I have several high potential domains in my hand right now but I dont have enough time to develop them. I try to sell them but nobody interested since I think all the domains are PR0 (I really have...
  11. How to check if a blog is no follow or do follow? where to base it?

    I already have the nofollowdofollow plugin for firefox already so whenever I search for blogs to comment on, I can immediately know.

    My question is, when I comment on a blog, the hyperlink - the...
  12. End of Article Directories? What you think?

    I have launched a new article directory last month. I am getting some traffic and it is still PR 0. Everything is okay. But after the Panda algorithm I am hopeless about its future. It is almost...
  13. Godaddy MySQL DB's seem to grow larger sooner than i expect

    I have one site hosted at godaddy, its a gallery with a forum attached to it, this year i haven't updated the gallery much, and the forum is very small but the MySQL DB Backups from there seem to...
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    Hosting for big database

    I have searched all over the google and the single site who said something about the mysql database space or queries/s was godaddy (a database no more then 200K or M I am not sure).
    So my question:...
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    Add A "Custom" template

    I'm curious about adding a custom template in Wordpress. Some of you know certain themes come with 2 sometimes 3 templates. These can be templates for news, videos or just plain posts. When a user...
  16. How to get html to work in a javascript file?

    Does anyone know how to get regular html to work inside .js file?

    The reason is I made a widget I want others to use, but I don't know how to convert to .js. Is there a simple way to convert it,...
  17. Alt Tag From Images Showing Up In Snippet On Google


    On Google, for a lot of my posts, it will show the snippet correctly but before the snippet starts it will show the alt tag from the image at the top of the post. It looks really awkward. How...
  18. How to remove one page from site link without Webmaster tools?

    When I search on Google by my website main keyword, I got the result with 4 sitelinks. But I don't want the one of them to show on the result, and I don't want to add this site to Google webmaster...
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    Multiple hosts for a domain

    I wonder how can I set multiple hosts for one domain.
    Let's say, I have two free hosts and I want to set that both hosts are for the same domain. One host is e.g. in Bulgaria and other one...
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    What is the "Apache" among email-servers?

    I have a unix virtual server with LAMPP. Works fine, but lacks email server. Apache is the most popular and free web server. What is the "Apache" among mail servers? (Should support...
  21. Is JavaScript or Ajax codes affect the website performance?

    My website has a lot of ads and i also use the Openx script. all these are run on JavaScript platform as well. i have 4-5 ads per page. will this increase my website loading time?
  22. How to add some non standard font to website? I need add new font in my website ?

    I have a static website that I upload one new post a day, and I would like to add a next and back button but I am not sure how to go about that. I tried doing some research and some said I must use...
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    SEO Smart Links given on Word Press

    How important or valuable is to use SEO Smart Links given on the word press.

    WordPress ? SEO Smart Links WordPress Plugins

    Is it good to have automated SEO Links for your blog to the...
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    My website suddenly stopped indexing

    I am not sure what happened, for few days google has stopped indexng my site content. Earlier any post in my site used to be n google index within 2 hours but now I do not see the posts in google...
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    cirtexhosting reseller account?


    I would like to know your opinions on reseller account. Is it worthy provider? Is the particular deal reasonable to be chosen?

    Maybe some of you have goe persobnal...
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