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    Disadvantage(s) of Free Web Hosting?

    I am planning to put up a website and I am undecided if I should get:

    free website hosting
    paid web host

    If you could please tell me the disadvantages of free web hosting so I can...
  2. Which is the most reliable web hosting plan?

    I don't have any knowledge about hosting plans. Please suggest me the best.
  3. Is possible to restore backups in secondary domains?

    Hello guys,

    I have a shared account on GoDaddy and I need some help...
    I'm able to add multiple Add-on Domains in my account through cPanel.

    But how can I restore backups in those domains, is...
  4. Windows is better then Linux. Because Windows is...

    Windows is better then Linux. Because Windows is easy to installed and use. Linux is much more complex.
  5. Godaddy or hostgator - Which Web hosting is best?

    Please share you experience Guys,

    Which one I should choose?
  6. How to choose good web hosting companies

    There are millions of companies on the net who advertise themselves to be the perfect web company, but only few of them are REALLY proficient web hosting companies. In the world of advertising...
  7. Top Essential Features to Look For in a Web Hosting Company

    The function of a Web Hosting Company or Web Host is to store your website on a server (computer) and make your website accessible to the Internet. The first job when choosing a web hosting service...
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    Basic Features of Free Web Hosting

    Looking for a free web hosting solution is an imperative decision. Try to identify a reliable web host can be a daunting task especially with so many service providers and options available nowadays....
  9. You can use google Adwords for your keyword tool,...

    You can use google Adwords for your keyword tool, it helps you find the right keywords with additional info on the number of searches per month.
  10. What are the best off page SEO Factors?

    Hello Friend,

    What are the best off page SEO Factors? according to your experience . Please share with me.
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    SEO tips and techniques, you will get more visitors to your website.

    1) Go for strong and unique contents
    2) Make a strong keyword phrase
    3) Choose best title tag
    4) Go for the strong Meta Tags
    5) Put the sitemap
    6) works on the social Media
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    Reddit Google Plus+ Disqus Medium

    Google Plus+
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    Email marketing can be more than just text, rich...

    Email marketing can be more than just text, rich media formats can provide images and give your product or service texture and flavor. In email marketing, you have the complete attention of the...
  14. How Your Web Hosting Account Can Affect Your Online Business

    If you are the owner of any small business and you wish to have an online presence then you will need to familiarize yourself with web hosting companies. Well this is a very good medium for you to...
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    What Is Cloud Web Hosting?

    One of the biggest issues with starting a website is dealing with the space that you have. On the other end of the spectrum hosts have a hard time with the amount of sites that they put on a server...
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