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  1. Unexpected Charges, Pay More Than You Expect, Why?

    Some popular hosting providers are using the price difference strategy to attract those who are intending to buy a web hosting plan. Most of their package price looks low but some hidden fee exists...
  2. Yup, some people who know about web hosting is 0...

    Yup, some people who know about web hosting is 0 knowledge, maybe think that it's hard to build a business site on WordPress. But actually, it's not hard as people think.
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    Did you try these tips?

    Did you try these tips?
  4. Do you really care about type of backup for your plans?

    Will you consider what is the backup type of web hosting provider using for your packages?

    For the hosting services, backup methods are much important, should be one of the features that need to...
  5. Besides a free trial, also get $150 credit to...

    Besides a free trial, also get $150 credit to your account!
  6. 15-Day Free Trial Without Credit Card - Receive Code by SMS

    How to apply for the free trial of web hosting

    Step 1: After purchasing the plan of, choose to activate hosting by SMS on the order confirmation notification. If you accidentally close...
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    The 404 Pages!!! Why and How?

    Three possible causes of the 404 Pages

    Ever meet 404 pages before? If you are struggling with 404s, here are 3 possible causes, follow the step to check your 404s:

    Most people use...
  8. Easy to start the e-commerce store? Who is more reliable to....?

    WooCommerce & Ecommerce Platform, which one do you more prefer?

    What is WooCommerce?
    I think everyone will know this plugin if you are familiar with WordPress, it is a free WordPress plugin,...
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    many people mention as a good hosting...

    many people mention as a good hosting provider in Asia since 2006, their server also is in us, anyway if you looking for a reliable hp with good price good service it's must be them.
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