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    GoDaddy FTP Conection Problems

    I have an account on GoDaddy deluxe shared Linux hosting. I've established FTP access with this account and have been working with it for the last two years. Over the last 2 or 3 months I have been...
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    Getting annually billed account

    How safe is dealing with the hosts for the long term? I used to pay five bucks per month at my last host, consciously avoiding annual deals, but I found out some companies are offering annually...
  3. How can i make my site background get longer or shorter according to content?

    I want my site to expand and contract depending on how much content I have, my site is and as you can see the content on some pages is much longer or shorter than the background...
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    How do I decode HTML code?

    I and my team create blogger templates, but we don't published these templates, because copyright links can be removed. We want to prevent from this danger. How do I encode HTML code in Blogger?
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    Over optimization

    My site dropped first page to 10th pages.I think it may be for over optimization.I have 1000 backlinks with one anchor text and all of them are in PR2+.

    Some of my competitor have 5-10 links and...
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    The Top most SEO strategy step by step

    Hello all ,

    Can Please help me to make good SEO strategy , I am going to work on 3,35,0000 globally monthly search , So Please help me about this What is best strategy to rank,

    Thanks in...
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    SERP changes if change hosting?

    Hey will my sites SERP's change if i move all my sites to another hosting companys servers?
  8. How do you use same hosting account to host multiple sites in


    I just bought a new site from sites section and the previous owner sent me all the files and domain. Now, I already have a hosting account hosting my first site. So, can I use the same...
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    404 Not Found Page

    I would like to know people's opinions. Do you think it is best to redirect pages not found back to your default page, or to have a custom 404 Not Found page?
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    I have little HTML Question

    I have Order form that i would like to place on my website,

    On one of the fields i would like to add "Advanced Options" and only when it is selected or pressed the page will stretch to show the...
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    How to Check Google Index

    I have website and i want to know how to check Google Index of my website.

    How is it possible and how the website main position can be checked.

    Waiting for answers.
  12. Image suddenly removed from Go0gle Images?

    Does anyone know what will cause an image to be removed from Go0gle images? It just happened to one of my sites that was ranked high for a popular keyword. The image wasn't violating any copyright...
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    Basic question re: dedicated hosting

    Hi all,

    While dreaming of the future filled with grand armored trucks of cash, it occurred to me that I may need a dedicated server if I ever hit that point

    That raised what is sure to be a...
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    Hosting a site on 2 servers

    Lately i have all kinds of problems with my hosting (server down, mysql not working,etc) .I was wondering if i could have 2 servers where i can host my sites and setup DNS so that when a server is...
  15. How to avoid the image replacement while saving images to a folder via PHP

    I am developing a website which need contineous uploading of images to a folder.i want if the image already exists in the folder the name of the new image that i am going to upload can change...
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    Web pages display almost flicker

    I am trying to fix my site pages and how they load on my browser. Its like the header loads below and the bounces into place. It does not look very good to me.

    I tried controlling with css and...
  17. How does Panda Update affect Article marketing?

    We all know that Google's Panda update mainly to eliminate low quality content from Results pages. I would like to know, how does it affect article marketing? Does submitting articles to article...
  18. Are TAGs pages considered duplicate content?

    I have a dilema, somebody told me recently that tags may be considered for your site duplicate content.
    I use them on every page on my site and no more then 2 or 3 and very discriptive .

    Are the...
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    How important is the location of the host?

    I will be launching a youtube video to mp3 converter website this week and my current provider is currently in perth, Australia. I expect most of my visitors will be from the U.S so does it make more...
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    VPS, what all do i need to check?

    I am thinking of getting a VPS, what all should I need while getting one.

    I got a doubt how does a VPS work, how do i point a domain name to that vps, will i have to setup a name server for it....
  21. Increase in Advertising emails from Go Daddy

    Has anyone noticed a huge increase in the amount of advertising emails that Go Daddy are sending out. Its all happened in the last few months, I seem to be getting 2 or 3 a week from them...
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    How expired domain registration works


    we listen that Google likes old domains..

    So if one domain name expire and i want to register it as my own name, i register it again. Doesnt domain age starts again? I mean its again...
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    Affiliate Marketing and SEO

    When I typically inject affiliate marketing products into my site, I copy the text and the pictures that the affiliate distributor website provides. I'm assuming this text and pictures is exactly...
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    important point to beat Google Panda

    I found bounce rate is more important than ever,Google use it as rule to evaluate your site's quality.

    so if your site is not content farm and you was hit by Google Panda,you can try to optimize...
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    Server causing an overload? Help?


    I have VPS and im having problems with it, its overloading to 100% each day and causing it to shutdown on SolusVM (which i have to boot it each time), because its unmanaged i have to fix the...
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