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    What is a Virtual Private Cloud?

    A Virtual Private Cloud is a private sub-section of a cloud (virtual network) that an admin controls. The admin can decide things like which resources can exist inside and who can access them.
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    5 Tips to Grow Your Business

    1. Get Organized
    2. Keep Detailed Records
    3. Analyze your Competition
    4. Understand the Risks and Rewards
    5. Be Creative
  3. What is Classless Inter-Domain Routing

    CIDR, also referred to as supernetting, assigns IP addresses to more efficiently distribute addresses.

    This replaced the previous system based on Class A, B, and C networks.

    When you have a...
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    5 ways to establish your brand

    1. Listen to your Customers
    2. Have core values
    3. Make your Brand Consistent
    4. Teamwork, Teamwork, Teamwork
    5. Budget Smart
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    What is Software Development Kit?

    An SDK kit includes instructions that allow developers to create systems and develop applications.

    It has one of the main functionalities in its name, “kit”! SDKs provide information such as...
  6. 5 Overlooked Business Development Strategies

    Business Development Strategies Your Company Should Explore

    1. Supporting Cause Outside your Industry
    2. Local Networking And Outreach
    3. Building Deep Customer Relationships
    4. Giving Back to...
  7. What is an Application Programming Interface?

    An API is an interface that allows applications to interact with others.

    APIs allow for 2+ parts of a program to communicate and comprehend data with each other.

    APIs can be of all different...
  8. Social Media Marketing Content Tips

    1) 1/3 of your content promotes your business, converts readers, and generates profit.
    2) 1/3 of your content shares ideas and stories from thought leaders in your industry or like-minded...
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    What is AWS S3?

    Have you heard of AWS? Let’s talk about one of their most popular services, Simple Storage Service (S3).

    What is S3?

    S3 is a data storage service that provides object storage with...
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    7 Business Growth Strategies

    1. Viral Loops
    2. In-Person Outreach
    3. Market Development
    4. Product Development
    5. Zig-Zag
    6. Word-Of-Mouth
    7. Milestone Referrals
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    Sources to learn Web3

    These are some of the resources where I learn more about Web3! They explain things in articles and some separate the difficulties level too!

    ✏️ useweb3 xyz
    ✏️ remote3 co
    ✏️ learn swyftx com
  12. 5 Essential things Successful Businesses Have in Common

    1. Willingness to Take Chances
    2. Unique Value
    3. Tenacity
    4. Customer-Centric Approach
    5. Good Marketing
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    Framework NextJS


    NextJS uses pre-built components through its “pages” functionality. Any file you place in the “pages” folder can become a route. You can use a “header” component to link the different...
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    2022 Digital Marketing Trends

    1. Instagram Advertising
    2. TikTok's Crazy Rise
    3. Tell A Real Story
    4. Ecommerce is Growth
    5. Segmented Targeting
    6 . Influencer Marketing
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    Types of Malware

    Adware - Extra ads that usually have other malware begin showing up in your browser.

    Spyware - Watches computer activities.

    Trojan - Looks like the regular program that spreads other malware or...
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    5 Reasons for Customer Retention

    1. Repeat Purchases
    2. Reduced Marketing Costs
    3. Word-of-Mouth Advertising
    4. Less Price-Sensitive
    5. Provide Valuable Feedback
  17. UI and UX design help to build great user experience

    Design is a topic of active discussion nowadays. Not a single properly implemented website, web application or software piece for public use can do without insightful design. Specialists in the field...
  18. Content Marketing Strategy For Small Business

    1. Assemble a team
    2. Update your buyer personas
    3. Analyze your funnel
    4. Decide what type of content to publish
    5. Create a workflow
    6. Build an editorial calendar
  19. Extremely popular frameworks ReactJS


    React uses React Router to create a dynamic website. This means using extra components to encapsulate any pages you would like to route to.

    API Data Fetching

    Call data with hooks...
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    Essential Branding Items

    Market analysis
    competitive advantage
    brand vision & name
    core branding assets
    online presence
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    Types of Middleware

    Transactional: Connect to transaction processing monitors and web application servers.

    Message-oriented: Supports sending/receiving messages over distributed applications.

  22. How to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

    Focus on Conversion, Not Just Leads
    Set the Stage for Long-Term Value
    Double Down on Customer Service
    Create the Ultimate Buying Journey
    Know When & How to Go Back & Refine Processes
  23. Characteristics of a Good Programmer

    Impressive technical skills - Good programmers dive into a deep understanding of technical stuff. They learn about what it can do, how it works and why.

    Willingness to learn - In a field like...
  24. Types of SEO you need to boost your site traffic

    On Page SEO
    Off Page SEO
    Technical SEO
    Local SEO
    Youtube SEO
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    What is Cloud Computing?

    Cloud Computing is when data and applications are stored in the cloud instead of on local devices. This means the entire workload relies on the cloud instead of your device.

    Essentially it’s...
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