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  1. Which is the best Tool to extract SEO entities from a page ?

    I'm a new SEO consultant with a passion for semantic SEO and I'd want to know if there is a good tool to extract SEO entities from a webpage.
  2. How to protect against a negative SEO attack?

    Hello Everyone,
    We have some competitors in our area who we have gotten into pretty ugly ""competition"" with lately. They pretty much copied our entire site, with enough differences to make a...
  3. What is the best SEO tool suite at affordable price?

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm starting to do SEO in a serious manner, I'd like to use tools for daily SEO tasks, in order to save time.
  4. Why Dynamic Pages are Not Ranking at All ?

    Hello Everyone,
    I'm getting a problem while doing SEO of dynamic pages.
    To make the page more static, I've added more content, FAQs, and other related stuff. Google crawl and index them too but...
  5. Why do some YouTube videos show up on Page 1 of Google?

    Hello Everyone,
    Why do you think that some Youtube videos (for certain search terms) show up on the first page of Google, while others do not?
  6. How does Improvement in Ahrefs' DR for any domain help

    Hello Everyone,

    I have got a portfolio of domains with their DR ranging from 4 to 40.
    I have recently registered them as a result of expiry at GoDaddy. How can i improve my DR in Ahref.
  7. Does Google Search Console limit website traffic sources?

    Hi guys,

    I am from India and I have several websites
    My website is facing the US market and worldwide. If I sign up for Google Search Console, will my website 's traffic be limited to Asia,...
  8. Can I get Google My Business for a sub domain?

    Hello Everyone,
    I have verified my local business in Google My Business and the local knowledge graph appears in the search results with my site
  9. How Do I Find The Keywords That People Use To Find My Site Using Google Analytics?

    Hello everyone,
    How Do I Find The Keywords That People Use To Find My Site Using Google Analytics?
  10. How much does it impact SEO to disable blog comments?

    Hello everyone ,
    I have a large Wordpress blog with quite a few comments. In recent years, i have grown tired of comments from people who just want to argue. Can you tell me what kind of SEO impact...
  11. Guys same words repeat on my title tag for every page. What should I do?

    Hello Everyone ,
    Guys same words repeat on my title tag for every page. What should I do?
    I am optimizing title tag and same words get repeated at the back.
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    How to hide backlinks from SEO tools?

    Hello everyone,
    I saw some of my competitors hided their backlinks. For example if check their website in Moz tool it only shows DA,PA but not shows any backlinks.. Why and how? How can I implement...
  13. Is SERP position in Google Search Console accurate?

    Hello Everyone,
    Just a quick question to fellow warriors, Is SERP position in Google Search Console accurate? This can be visible when you click "Performance", then check positions option.
  14. What are the skills required to become a SEO friendly Copywriter?

    Hi everyone,

    What are the things i need to keep in mind before writing a seo friendly content ?
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    Does Microdata help SERPS?

    Hello Everyone,
    Does Microdata would be beneficial to SERPs at all? Do any of you guys have experience with using it??
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    How to fix Self Referrals in GA4?

    Hello everyone,

    Any idea how can i fix Self Referrals in GA4?
  17. Which backlink practice will be worth more to my site?

    Hello Everyone,
    Can anyone suggest me , The best backlink practice will be worth to my website ?
  18. Should I nofollow/noindex the outgoing links in a news aggregator website?

    Should we have to nofollow/noindex the second type of links? In fact, since the crawl budget of websites is limited, isn't it better to spend this budget on the pages we have invested in (first type)?
  19. What is an ideal number of AHREF Linked Domain?

    I've read somewhere that linked domain is similar to outbound link. In that case, is it safe to say that the lower the linked domain, the better?
  20. Homepage ranking higher than internal page

    Hello everyone ,
    Why Homepage ranking higher than internal page ?
  21. Does Submitting of large sitemap dropped my rankings ?

    Hello everyone,

    Does Submitting of large sitemap dropped my rankings ?
  22. how to claim backlinks from forum site to my site

    Hey guys,

    I don't know how to create do follow backlinks from forum sites without any spamming. can you please help me
  23. Buy free domain and redirect to main domain. Is it safe?

    Hello everyone,
    What if I will buy a new free domain such as and redirect it to (main website)?
  24. Upgrade my website. Will it affect google rank

    Hi all,
    my current website is fine but am having issues customizing due to coding issues when it was built. Even to change the font, I have to go to the code etc.
  25. How long does it take to get to the top of Google?

    I've read a lot of conflicting reports on how long it takes to rank 1 on Google.
    Most sources seem to say ~2 months is about right.
    I need expert answers.
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