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  1. Useful Chrome extensions for web developers

    1. LastPass
    2. Google Keep
    3. Tab Suspender
    4. Save To Pocket
    5. StayFocusd
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    How Marketers use Social Data

    1. Understanding my Target Audience - 55%
    2. Developing Creative Content - 48%
    3. Supporting other Departments - 39%
    4. Analyzing Trend - 32%
    5. Assessing Campaign Performance - 29%
    6. Fostering...
  3. How to maintain and write better code

    - Avoid global code
    - Write useful comments
    - Use meaningful structures
    - Use meaningful names
    - Use automated build tools
    - Refactor
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    Rules of Social Media Engagement

    1. DISCLOSE: Your Presence on social media must be transparent.
    2. PROTECT: Take extra care to protect both TES and yourself.
    3. USE COMMON SENSE: Remember that professional, straightforward &...
  5. 5 books every developer should read

    - Refactoring (Author: Martin Fowler)
    - Clean code (Author: Robert Cecil Martin)
    - The passionate programmer (Author: Chad Fowler)
    - The pragmatic programmer (Authors: Andy Hunt, Dave Thomas)
  6. Social Media Marketing Fundamentals

    1. Profile Optimization - Accurate, Complete, Active, Links to Website and has CTA.
    2. Posting - Useful, Entertaining, Relevant Post, Photos, Videos, Lives, Stories.
    3. Engaging - Like, Share,...
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    Why do people use Malware?

    The intentions of malware may vary. Two of the most common reasons are to retrieve private information or recruit your computer into a botnet (an army of computers used in harmful DDOS attacks).
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    6 Marketing Career Paths

    1. Research - Find and parse information to drive data-driven marketing recommendations.
    2. Strategy - Plan and Execute Strategic campaigns to generate awareness and sales.
    3. Design - Tell Stories...
  9. What is Managed Detection and Response (MDR)?

    MDR provides you with remotely delivered security options that can quickly detect, analyze, investigate and appropriately respond with threat mitigation and containment.

    MDR helps you analyze...
  10. Which Platforms do Marketers Target with their Visual Content?

    1. Blog/landing pages - 62%
    2. Facebook - 49%
    3. Instagram - 47%
    4. Print/Branding Materials - 43%
    5. LinkedIn - 42%
  11. What are Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP)?

    Similarly to MDR, MSSP also monitors security networks and alerts admins when any anomaly is detected.

    MSSP can be considered a subset of MDR since they both detect security threats. But unlike...
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    Levels of CPU Cache

    1️⃣ Level 1: Primary cache is located in the processor, and is the fastest cache on the computer. Has its own CPU core.

    2️⃣ Level 2: External cache is used to catch recent data accesses from the...
  13. Internet Marketing Strategies to boost your sales

    1. Keyword Research
    2. Links Building
    3. Sitemap Optimization
    4. Software Development
    5. Web Design
    6. Feedback
    7. Strategy
    8. Social Media
    9. Content
    10. Traffic Monitoring
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    What is a Container

    A container is essentially an instance of an Image, which is an efficient way to encapsulate environments and run applications.

    Because of this design, containers virtualize at the app layer. Not...
  15. Traditional Marketing vs Revenue Marketing

    Traditional marketing refers to any type of marketing that isn't online. This means print, broadcast, direct mail, phone, and outdoor advertising like billboards.

    Revenue marketing is the process...
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    What is a Firewall?

    “Firewall” is one of the first things you hear come out of a techie’s mouth in any hacker movie, but what truly is it? Let’s take a look!

    A firewall is a system that prevents unauthorized access...
  17. 4 Essential Content Marketing Group of Metrics

    1. User Behaviour
    2. Engagement
    3. SEO Outcomes
    4. Company Revenue
  18. What is the Internet of Things (IoT)

    Have you ever wished you could automate your life? Such as, turning on a light with a voice command, or starting your vacuum with the click of a button.

    Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT),...
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    Content Marketing Strategy

    1. Create
    2. Promote
    - Attract Visitors - Blog Posts/Web Content/ Articles
    - Gather Contact Info - e-newsletter/e-books/webinars
    3. Convert
    - More Interactions - Phone/Consultations/Assessments...
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    What is the OSI Model?

    Open Systems Interconnection, is a model for how applications communicate over a network and shows exactly what happens in each layer of a network system.

    These capabilities are provided by a...
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    5 Tips for mobile marketing

    Learn About Your Audience
    Define Your Business Model
    Create an App Store Optimisation
    Invest in Pay Per Click Campaigns
    Don't Forget the Traditional Media
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    5 certificates for web developers

    1. React skills test
    2. Angular skills test
    3. Selenium 101: Testing
    4. NodeJS skills test
    5. Frontend libraries
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    7 Step Marketing Strategy

    1. Measure / Optimize - Measure how marketing is performing against KPIs and benchmarks. Then, optimize to improve results and performance.
    2. Goals - Articulate what you want to achieve how and...
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    What is a VPC?

    A Virtual Private Cloud is a private sub-section of a cloud (virtual network) that an admin controls. The admin can decide things like which resources can exist inside and who can access them.
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    The 7C's of Digital Marketing

    1. Customer
    2. Consistency
    3. Convenience
    4. Creative Content
    5. Communications
    6. Competition
    7. Customization
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