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    How to Choose the Right SSL Certificate

    SSL certificates make your website a safer place for customers to visit and shop.

    Please share me some tips to choose the right SSL certificate for my website ??

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    You should make sure that the SSL will really secure your website. It should have green padlock. SSL provider should provide you the SSL certificate with private key and CA bundle. After SSL installation, you should check whether the provided SSL is resolving properly on your website or not.

    If it is not resolving then please ask your SSL provider to reissue the SSL certificate.
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    Choosing the right SSL Certificate depends upon various aspects. Factors influencing your decision are:

    - Your company’s goal
    - Visitors on your web page/website
    - Company’s budget
    - Number of webpages and websites you want to secure
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    How quickly do you need your SSL Certificate? It's an important question and may help determine your selection. If you are ready to start accepting payments online immediately, then you may need to select an SSL Certificate that can be issued instantly so you don't lose out on potential sales. You may decide to install a temporary low assurance SSL Certificate while you go through a more thorough validation process for a stronger SSL Certificate with higher website security levels or a greater warranty.

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    Choosing SSL certificate for your site is vital since SSL certificate provides security to your website as visitors share confidential information with you. Therefore, selecting the right SSL certificate for your site is daunting that's why you need to consider few things prior to choosing it and those few things include:
    1. Issuance Speed
    2. SSL Certificate Warranty
    3. Price and Number of Domains
    4. Website Security Seals
    5. Customer Support

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    1. SSL for a benefits of the business or association.
    2. SSL to a distinctive or individual site.
    3. SSL for different Main level Domains (TLDs) for example, such that yoursite. Com and yoursite. Org.
    4. SSL for different subdomains for example, such that login. Yoursite. Com, secure. Yoursite. Com.

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    This is not spam, you can get here best information.
    When it comes to website security, you will need to build a trustworthy platform for gaining new visitor and keeping your traffic flowing. The best way to show that your site is a secure one is that you will need to have an HTTPS rather than just having an HTTP extension. you can read here Top Free SSL Certificates providers to secure your website

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    This topic is very helpful for me.

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    Here are the 10 Important Key Points to consider before choosing an SSL Certificates Provider:

    1. Does the SSL provider have a valid EV SSL Certificate themselves?
    2. Does the SSL provider Have Dedicated Phone Support?
    3. Does the SSL provider have a valid mailing address?
    4. Does the SSL provider focus only on SSL?
    5. Does the SSL provider offer more than one SSL brand?
    6. Does the SSL provider offer true 24/7/365 live support?
    7. Is there a reference letter available from the vendor for the SSL provider?
    8. Does the SSL provider offer SSL tools to confirm SSL installation?
    9. Does the SSL Provider have an auto SSL Renewal system to remind customers before an SSL certificate expires?
    10. Does the SSL provider offer a money back guarantee?

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    Here are a few guidelines to get the right SSL Certificate-

    Which SSL Certificate is Best for Business: What Are You Securing?
    Which SSL Certificate is Best for Business: Single Domain SSL Certificates
    Which SSL Certificate is Best for Business: Multi-Domain SSL
    Which SSL Certificate is Best for Business: Sub-Domains
    Which SSL Certificate is Best for Business: Multiple Domains and Sub-Domains
    Which SSL Certificate is Best for Business: Choosing a CA
    The decision depends on you and your business. We’re just trying to make sure you have all the information.

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    The CA Security Council (CASC), an advocacy group committed to the advancement of online security that we joined in 2013, recently published a handy infographic – What Kind of SSL/TLS Certificate Do I Need? (check it out below this post). While the infographic provides a great high level overview of the main options for certificates and provides some examples for each, we tend to get a lot of questions on this, so I thought some further explanation would be helpful.
    Step 1 - Is Your Domain Registered?
    Step 2 – What Trust Level Do You Require?
    Step 3 – How Many Domains Do You Need to Protect with This Certificate?

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    To choose an SSL Certificate, first thing comes in my mind will be what my requirement is and after that I’ll decide on which SSL/TLS Certificate to go for or I say which brand to choose. If I’m running a simple blog, just to provide an information, I’ll look towards free SSL/TLS Certificate. No doubt, some of the negative sides are there for free SSL/TLS Certificate, but it’s not that serious that you cannot overlook. If it has serious problems, they wouldn’t have been in market. I’ve written about is there any possible risk about using Free SSL/TLS Certificate, if you want you can look into it.

    What point you must consider while buying an SSL Certificate?

    How secure the certificate authority (CA) is.
    Determine what type of certificate you need.
    Read reviews or rating of the SSL Certificate provider.
    Check out money back policy
    SSL Certificate issuance time
    Other trust features along with SSL like padlock, free site seal or green address bar
    SSL Certificate Warranty and browser compatibility
    Ecommerce Website Security Solution
    Price and Number of Domains
    Customer Support
    SHA2 algorithm

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    Here are the guidelines I use to choose the right SSL Certificate for a website.

    A Personal website - Free SSL
    An eCommerce website - DV SSL
    An enterprise website - OV & EV SSL
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    If you just need to validate one or two sites, go with single-name and wildcard certificates. However, if you need to certify multiple domains, choose a multi-domain SSL certificate. Pick the best certificate depending on whether you want to certify one, several, or all of your domains and subdomains.

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    If you only need to secure one domain (e.g. ., then you should purchase a single domain, or standard certificate. You have your choice of trust level – DV, OV, or EV. If, however, you need to secure multiple domains (e.g. for regional sites - .com, .

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