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    Single page and multiple web design

    We can say that if you provide users with all the relevant information on a single page, you can probably rank better, than if you have multiple pages targeting a single topic. But, having multiple pages can help you target as many keywords as you want, and can rank well for each one of them.

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    Single-page sites help keep the user in one, comfortable web space.
    As with any website, if all of the content fits on one page, then why add more? Sometimes even the minimal amount of content needs to be spread among several pages. A great UX and UI designer will know the right size for a website. Here’s the pros and cons you will find with single-page websites

    A multiple-page website is usually owned by a large company with a broad range of products or services. Their user base is probably quite diverse as well.

    Key points about these websites are:

    They are extremely large because they need to be.
    Due to the amount of content, they are many levels deep with intricate UI.
    Many times they are made up of many micro-websites and subsections to break up information and content as well as serve multiple entry points.
    They provide better control over SEO with multiple pages and changing content.


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    For me, a single page website, usually used to promote affiliate product, collect customer database from contact form, etc. This site built as landing pages that contain product descriptions or service. While multiple web pages usually used for dynamics website, contain daily article, blog, or online shop. In terms of benefits, especially in SEO purpose, multiple web pages are more better than one page websites.

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    I believe in the old school multiple pages.
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    Choosing a Single page or a multi-page website depends on your goal. If you only want a web presence go for a single page website but if you want to do SEO optimize it, you need to have a multi-page website and also try to add a blog if you can.

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