1. Spring never fails to supply us with a powerful impetus to reach new heights of software quality. This week we are proudly returning to you with our newest brainchild - Unban Center For WHMCS 2.0 which no doubt serves as a signpost of our above-average efforts.

However, to provide you with something more than beautiful words of reassurance only, let us hop into the very core of this weighty release. One glance at the module suffices to realize that it has been greatly modernized both conceptually (reconstructed code and refreshed framework) and visually (minimalist design complemented by a light color palette). One minute of first-hand experience with the tool, in turn, is enough to get a clear idea of all multifaced, practical benefits this metamorphosis has on the general working of the module.

Expected something more from a release which we so confidently label as ′truly momentuous′? How about we bribe you with infallible integration of the module with the newest WHMCS V7.5, and an impressive scope of novel functionalities? Automatically unbanning clients as soon as they log in to the client area, previewing bannned IP addresses for customers′ VPS and dedicated servers in the client area, preventing every IP address from a predefined range from being unbanned you name it!

Embrace the change and give your business the cutting edge it requires!

Have a closer look at the new Unban Center For WHMCS 2.0!

2. Although our Spring Promotion organized in celebration of this most joyous part of the year already drew to an end, the opportunity to gain a tempting bargain on the future purchases at ModulesGarden has not. We have just announced the names of three, picked at random persons who will be handed in a remarkable bonus - $25 credits valid for the entire month. If you also were an active participant to our special spring promotion, make sure to visit our Blog site again your name may be on the list as well!

3. Recently you all bore witness to the long-expected release of WHMCS V7.5. Now it is our turn to make certain that the WHMCS modules in your possession display the highest level of compatibility with this newly upgraded system. If you wish to easily track the status of your favorite products and get notified about even the tiniest progress on the matter, keep an eagle eye on the list with freshly updated modules published on our official Forums!

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