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    Question Data Center Location effect Website speed ?

    Hi, Guys.

    Wondering is it data center influence much?
    My base in Singapore and thinking to find a VPS

    Go through some reviews website & survey.
    Have some blog mentioned data location can effect website speed.

    So I should get a Good location for Web-Hosting Plan?
    Or So-so location with VPS Plan?

    Please Suggest me.

    Thank you so much

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    Hello. Yes, the location of the site is affected.

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    Think of it like throwing a ball across from one place to the other, the farther away you need to throw the ball the longer its going to take to get to where you want it, same premise here, the further away your data center is from where your targeted traffic will be, the worse the connection gets. Hope this explains and helps a bit.

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    Delay in website loading will be more, if the data-center location and your visitor's location is more.
    So, the location of data-center plays an important part in website speed.

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    Yes, server location vs client location effects the speed. But it is not about distance only, it is about the infrastructure of cables and quality of connections between the server and the clients that matter most.

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