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    Use these key areas for consideration.
    Certifications & Standards.
    Technologies & Service Roadmap.
    Data Security, Data Governance and Business policies.
    Service Dependencies & Partnerships.
    Contracts, Commercials & SLAs.
    Reliability & Performance.

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    Any domain of the Cloud Computing Platform technological world is becoming ever more complex. Here, are 7 Cloud computing platform you will like to use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexlewis View Post
    I need a managed cloud hosting to start my website. I need suggestions to choose the best to start a business website. I need a cloud hosting services that is reliable and support 24 hours. Anyone experienced any of the mentioned cloud hosting so let me know the best I go for or any other hosting providers.

    1. Cloud web hosting

    2. Host gator

    Hostgator is good but specifically for the cloud, ResellerClub has some really brilliant plans and their servers are well equipped to host websites.

    If you look at ResellerClub's cloud plans, they have SSD storage for better performance with one-click installs, Cent-OS core and My SQL database, Hotlink, Leech, and anti-DDoS protection. You might want to first make a list of your website requirements and goals before actually buying a cloud hosting plan. I think that should be your starting point before choosing a brand

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    When choosing a cloud hosting service, you need to consider a few factors like:

    1) security and backup - as your data protection and privacy should be as important to them as it is to you.

    2) see if they offer a robust and reliabe infrastructure as it will impact your employees' productivity

    3) Lastly, you also need to check if the cloud hosting provider offers data and app migration to their cloud from your existing device.

    I have been using ACE cloud hosting for a couple of months now and am truly satisfied with their services. They offered me an additional backup server to keep my data safe in case of failure and protected my data by layering it with firewall.

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    If you take a look into different hosting, you'll see not all hosting companies and their offers are created equal. Some of the hosts don't take website security seriously enough, and most of the time, users don't even know that until they face some serious damage.

    The reality is you can't fix your host. But you can choose it wisely. AEserver provide you with a variety of hosting solutions including cloud hosting with multiple security layers and some additional security features, including SSL certificates, Website backup, premium DNS, Site lock and WAF/DDOS protection to ensure better protection of our customers.

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    Here are the features you should consider while choosing Cloud Hosting services

    1. Security
    2. Compliance
    3. Architecture
    4. Manageability
    5. Support

    If you are looking for a cloud migration service then I suggest cloud now technologies. Cloud now technologies Cloud migration services can help you strategize your Cloud transformation journey from day one and includes Optimization, Consulting, and Support.

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