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    The Purpose of SSL Certificate and the Need for it

    1. Guarantees the status of a remote computer
    2. Assures the identity of the software publisher
    3. Secures the software alteration after publication
    4. Documents your identification to a remote computer
    5. Secures email system
    6. Allows safe communication on the network
    7. Allows encryption of data
    8. Allows the signing of data with the current time
    9. Permits the policies of key usage
    10. Allows OCSP signing

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    The main reason for enabling SSL in the website is to avoid the vulnerable activities or hacking activities. SSL enables the end to end encryption between the browser and the server that means a secure connection is establihed between browser and the server.
    The SSL certificate increases the trust of the users for the website.

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    5 Strong Reasons Why Your Website Needs An SSL Certificate
    Improving SEO rank. ...
    Improving speed and user experience. ...
    Securing your website from hackers. ...
    Encrypting sensitive information. ...
    Inspiring trust and confidence in your customers that you are reputable.

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    Benifits of SSL certificate is listed below :

    The data passes through different medium like router, proxy server while it goes from a browser to web server .If anyone decode it at router end or anywhere in between it can be read in case of non SSL certified website.But in SSL certified website the entered data encrypted and it can not be read in between.
    If a website is SSL certified then customer have faith on the security of the website . For marketing purpose it is benificial.
    If your website is transaction related then it is much hard or impossible for hackers to hack your website . It prevents the fraud.

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    1. SSL Protects Data
    2. SSL Affirms Your Identity
    3. Better Search Engine Ranking
    4. SSL Helps You Satisfy PCI/DSS Requirements
    5. SSL Improves Customer Trust

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    Thank you for sharing , which is understandable serving since 2008
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