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    Benefits Of Shared Vs Cloud Hosting

    I have experienced shared hosting for many years but when I moved to managed cloud hosting it was a good experience. I am the owner of a local company and I have 3 Magento stores, I just provide my services in my town, so far I have not been aware that a local city server where you market your website a lot of effects, I asked for Managed hosting for Magento and found that Cloudways offers servers in different countries in different cities. Now going well and SEO is improving day by day because I have my own city IP and server. The most I have found them is the best Magento hosting provider support is awesome.

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    Cloud hosting, a premium option that touts performance, reliability, and scalability, entails connecting and virtualizing several servers to share storage and processing resources.
    Shared hosting, the most common plan on the market, resonates especially with first-time site owners and individual developers. I

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    As I know Shared hosting refers to the hosting plan that has multiple websites hosted together and sharing resources on one server (disk space, storage, bandwidth and databases etc). Shared hosting is a good option and Cloud hosting is where your website is hosted on a cluster of servers instead of having your site hosted on one server. In case of an issue, your site can be migrated to another server. So it is also quite good. But I will go with cloud hosting because disaster recovery in cloud is also quite good and it is more secured.

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    Features of Cloud Vs Shared Web Hosting

    Security:- Cloud hosting – for the simple reason that the service provides the users absolute control when it comes to security by virtue of having dedicated servers. In case of problems with hardware, your website is migrated to a stable server.

    Performance:- Cloud hosting – having a lot more resources at the user’s disposal provides them with the ability to perform at optimum.

    Speed:- Cloud hosting – the availability of resources means you have enough at your disposal to keep your website running at excellent speeds.

    Pricing:- Shared hosting – Since the payment is done on a monthly or yearly basis, you do not run the risk of overusing resources and paying more.

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    Various benefits of Shared server Hosting Vs Cloud Hosting

    Security: Shared servers are less secure compared to Cloud server hosting solution

    Performance: Cloud servers are well-popular because of excellent performance and reliability whereas by opting shared hosting you will have to face performance issue.

    Speed: Because of resources sharing shared server hosting users always face speed related issues whereas cloud hosting well-known for faster speed.

    Pricing: Shared hosting is available at much cheaper rates whereas cloud hosting works on pay per use basis.

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