What is VPSrobots?

VPSrobots is a desktop control panel for Linux VPS. It is designed with a purpose of simplifying server management. Using VPSrobots, anyone including a novice can effortlessly manage the server like an expert.

The impressive features:

1. Apache/ MySQL/ PHP installer and updater
2. The auto-installer of WordPress/Joomla/Drupal/phpBB
3. The supported Linux distributions: Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu
4. SSL certificate installer
5. The functionality for Website migration/backup/restoration
6. The unlimited website deployment
7. Managing unlimited VPSs with one license

Why VPSrobots?

1. Managing multiple servers and websites with one license
2. A desktop based control panel without expending any server resource
3. The affordable pricing plan with 30 days money back guarantee

Please download VPSrobots freely for managing your server and website.