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    How to secure our wordpress website from hackers ?

    how to secure website from hackers? any security plugin which will not make our site slow?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rahul6388 View Post
    how to secure website from hackers? any security plugin which will not make our site slow?
    Step nr 1.
    Would be making sure all administrators on your site have strong passwords simple as that.. but there is more to come..
    Make sure you also use strong passwords on your hosting account, make sure you do not use shared web hosting etc.. then even all of that is correct and done you have to make sure what wordpress version do you use, make sure there are no exploits for it, or exploits in your plugins or template, as wordpress is well known atleast for backdoors and exploits in templates..

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    1. Install firewall for server
    Firewall is the essential part of any server configuration. To install a firewall like iptables in your server is a good option.

    2. Install SSL certificate
    SSL certificate is a standard technology for establishing a secure connection between browsers and servers and protecting from the hacker attack. So it is really needed by all websites. Install SSL certificate issued by Lets encrypt which is free of charge.

    3. Install the security plugins
    Choose a popular security plugin to install. All in one WP security is a good option for website security.

    4. Uninstall the infrequently-used plugins
    Uninstall the infrequently-used plugins in time, which helps you to load website quickly.

    5. Update WordPress in time.
    Once new version is released by WordPress, you will recieve an updating message and update it in time.

    I have installed security plugin in my blog, and don't feel that it makes my blog load slowly.
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    There are simple things to consider Secure WordPress Website

    1 Get Proper WordPress Backup Solution
    2 Hide the WordPress Admin and the version
    3 SSL Certificate integration is important and it is easy to implement. Use Basic Domain Validation Certificate like Comodo Postive SSL
    4 Choose Secure and Reliable Web Hosting
    5 Update Wordpress version
    6 Update WordPress Plugins regularly
    7 Make your Login and Password complex
    8 Turn of Database Error
    9 Always have the daily backup. The Backup report also points out to any irregularity in the files or if something has a miss especially if a new file has come in without your knowledge. Use DropMySite backup tool.
    10 If possible, hosts on a VPS server and take complete snap backup of VPS server.

    The above is something that helped us managed umpteen customer with almost 99.9 uptime and help them in crisis too.

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    WordPress Security is a pretty important question nowadays! Securing your site is important! Here are some ways:

    Stay updated : Always update your WordPress version with the new one! Old version may have some security bugs which is risky and may be noticed by any hacker! Remember: your WordPress needs regular updates. You can do it manually or use Management Tools like Perfect Dashboard.

    Don't use illegal themes and plugins: Many people have been using paid themes and plugins for free, which is pretty risky! These files may have security bugs which are enough to get hacked!

    Do not use security plugin: They have vulnerabilities. More

    Use a secured hosting: Not all Providers is secure! You won't understand that before you get hacked! So, choose a reliable provider such as Siteground!

    Disable file editing

    Stop PHP execution on uploads directory!

    Create a custom login page URL!

    Protect sensitive files and folders!

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    Here are some tips on protecting your site against WordPress hacks.

    Use Strong Passwords & Management
    Use the Principle of Least Privilege
    Keep WordPress Plugins Secure & Updated
    Use a WordPress Hardening Method
    Prevent a WordPress Hack with a Website Firewall

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    Step #1: Install security plugins.
    Step #2: Use HTTPS
    Step #3: Keep your website platform and software up-to-date
    Step #4: Make sure your passwords are secure
    Step #5: Invest in automatic backups.

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