This purely depends on the needs and the requirements of your business. Before you decide where to buy, you should know which SSL certificate you should opt. There is a variety of SSL Certificates available upon different requirements like Single Domain Certificate to protect Single domain, Wildcard SSL for sub domains protection, SAN for multiple domains, EV SSL to get Green Address Bar. Now you have core idea of diffferent types of certs, and if you have multiple domains under the single domain, you should better go with Wildcard SSL Certificate.

Please look at some of the important features to be borne in mind

  • You should get round the clock technical assistance, just in case any issue arises
  • There must be online tools where you can check the vital stats of the SSL certificate
  • Trust seal and a security badge is a must have with SSL certificate
  • For you to get regular reminders, there must be an auto-renewal system
  • If there is a money-back guarantee with the warranty nothing better than this

Thus be safe and wise while you choose your SSL Certificate provider. Do be sure that you are choosing real security for your website.