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    OpenVZ, KVM and Cloud Explain

    I am stuck on these terms, what are the main differences. someone please help me.

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    This article will help you understand better.

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    From an end-user perspective, Xen is similar to KVM, in that it allows you to run any OS and tinker with low-level kernel settings. Server providers use third-party tooling to create VMs with a fixed amount of RAM, CPU cores, hard disk space and IP addresses, and offer them as VPSes.

    Since OpenVZ uses a shared kernel, it is not possible to change the kernel’s settings, upgrade the kernel or use additional kernel modules. OpenVZ is easy to configure and get started with, compared to KVM and Xen. Also, since it is a containerization system, OpenVZ has much lower overhead, and thus providers can provision more VPSes out of a single physical server.

    Before buying a VPS based on any technology — OpenVZ or KVM, it is useful to review their pricing and what other people have to say about the provider.

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    OpenVz is short for Open Virtuozzo is an OS level virtualization for Linux. It permits a physical server to run numerous OS instances, named virtual environments(VEs), virtual private servers(VPSs) or containers.

    KVM stands for Kernel-based Virtual Machine and is a virtualization module in the Linux Kernel. It permits the kernel to work as a hypervisor.

    Cloud computing is a kind of computing that depends on shared computing resources rather than on local servers to handle applications.

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    I can also recommend you to look through OpenVZ and KVM vps deals.
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    OpenVZ OpenVz is is a linux based virtualization platform based on the Linux Kernel. ... All virtual servers have to get along with the kernel version the host runs on. However because it doesn't have the overhead of a true hypervisor it is very fast and efficient over Kvm, Xen, KVM, VMware and Cloud.

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