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    Question How frequently should I publish content on my site?

    How frequently should I publish content on my site?

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    You should only publish quality content that provides value to your users. Publishing for the sake of publishing content is a BIG no-no.

    As an example, if you have a big authority site like Neil Patel then publishing frequently does help as you can start to gain more organic traffic for more keywords. However, that's for an authority site. If you're just starting off then you need to accumlate authority and trust.

    Set a schedule to say 1 quality value packed post per week and stick to it. Then outreach to potential webmasters once you have this value-packed content. Find webmasters that will find your content of value. Start by creating a relationship with them before asking for a link in return. If done correctly you will find that they will link to your content without you even needing to ask for a link! Its time consuming but well worth the effort for the long term.
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    Most websites need to publish new content regularly if they want to thrive. Without new posts, visitors may not be able to find you, or they might move on to other websites. Ideally, you should set a schedule for new content and stick to it, increasing your pace as the site grows.

    If you’re not sure how often you should post new content to your website, there are two simple schedules that do the trick in most cases:-

    Weekly and bi-weekly publications. These are the perfect rates for small and growing blogs, involving one or two authors.
    Daily posts. This type of schedule is highly effective, but only sustainable if you’re a writing machine or part of a team for a website with a large following.

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    Regularity is as important as quality if you want to get benefit out of your content marketing efforts.

    When you regularly publish quality content on your website it gives a message to your visitors that you’re constantly updating your website and hence, they should keep track of it (a motivation to sign up for your email updates).

    Search engine crawlers – this is something that I have observed but I don’t know if it actually happens or not – also take note of your publishing schedule, and start crawling your website accordingly.

    If you publish content regularly, your website is crawled regularly.

    The more you publish, the more reason you give human visitors as well as search engine crawlers to access more content.

    The more you publish, the more search terms you cover.

    The more you publish, the more content you make available that can be shared on other websites and blogs, and on social media websites.

    But it is easier said than done.

    There are two obstacles to publishing content regularly:

    Great ideas for publishing new blog posts
    Making sure that the quality is up to the mark.

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