Cherry Servers - Elastic Bare Metal Servers for Smart Developers

Datacenter Locations:
Lithuania and Netherlands.
Speed test in Lithuania:
Speed test in Netherlands:
Download speed can be tested by downloading:
Small Test files: and Large Image files from:

Features Included:
Scale Up & Down on Demand With 10 Minute Deployments
Pay Per Use Only with Per Hour Billing
Feel Raw Horsepower of Single-tenant Machines
Flexible Service Management Via Resource Groups
Secure to the Core - No Underlying Virtualization Layer
Full Customization and Total Control Over Your Hardware
Capacity Utilization Monitoring
Automated Virtual LAN
Multi-layer DDOS Protection

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Most Popular Dedicated Servers deployed within 10 minutes

E5-1620v4, 32GB RAM, 2 x SSD 240GB RAID1, 3Gbps 132$/mo.
E3-1240v5, 32GB RAM, 2 x SSD 120GB RAID1, 3Gbps 155$/mo.
2 x E5-2620v4, 128GB RAM, 2 x SSD 240GB RAID1, 3Gbps 400$/mo.
2 x E5-2630lv4, 128GB RAM, 2 x HDD 3000GB RAID1, 3Gbps 424$/mo.
2 x E5-2697V2, 384GB RAM, 2 x SSD 240GB RAID1, 3Gbps 620$/mo.

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Please contact me on 370 655 11833 or Skype, my ID is Tomas.CherryServers or directly via online chat