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    Benefits of Shared Cloud Hosting Over Dedicated Cloud Hosting

    In this technologically advancing world, the implementation of the ongoing trends in everything that you do on the web world must be justified well, so that there is no loophole in the possibilities of better outcome. When we talk about the web world and the merging of the businesses, the hosting services play an integral role in the same. The hosting options available today are more flexible and affordable than before when the only option was the dedicated web hosting services.

    Now, with the implementation of Shared Cloud Hosting and other such customizable options, it has become easier for small and large businesses to find a suitable hosting option for their endeavour. Every hosting service has its own perks and shortcomings but with shared cloud hosting servers, the benefits for small businesses are much more as compared to the other hosting options.

    Let us discuss some such benefits of shared cloud hosting as compared to the dedicated cloud hosting. Read on to know more

    Economical hosting solution- a very advantageous feature of cloud shared hosting over the dedicated hosting service is that it is a cost-effective solution for all. Like you get lost in all the facilities that you get from a dedicated hosting server yet the cost of the hosting is much lower than the dedicated hosting service, in shared hosting, the costing is less because there is one host server that provides the facilities to multiple users and thus, the cost-effectiveness is reduced by a good amount. Also, small businesses are benefitted immensely through this economical web hosting solution.

    Easy to use- shared web hosting is something which is very simple and easy to use as compared to the dedicated web hosting servers. The easily manageable administrative work and the simple handling of the features available for the users make it more convenient for them. Nobody actually needs to invest much time and energy to learn and use it; anybody with the basic knowledge of web hosting can utilize it well and as needed but the businesses for the best outcomes.

    More availability and scalability options- with growing businesses, your needs and requirements do increase. These can be a time during your business person where you may not need many hosting features or services, but when it grows more, you may need a higher plan to suit your needs. Thus, with shared web hosting plans you get the option of more availability of space and higher scalability options so that you don’t face any difficulty to fulfil your higher needs in the future.

    No requirement of website designing skills- the shared hosting service providers lets the users design their website with easy and accessible tools so that they don’t need high skilled web designers for the same. For instance, SitePad Website Builder and Softaculous Application Installer are pre-installed and easy to use. This obviously benefits the small time business as hiring a web designer can cross their hosting budgets. The shared hosting sites are made in such a way that the basic designing concept can be managed well by users who do not possess any design related skill.

    Customizations available- who don’t want to customize their web hosting according to their needs? All of us want that, right? But if it were a few years back, we would have the customizing option available only in the dedicated web hosting servers. But today, every business and get that with the shared cloud hosting as well. You can customize the features and services you want for your business to have on your website even on the shared web hosting services.

    Security matters- with highly advanced technology, the shortcomings are also large. As the data on the web servers are not too safe always and the hackers can have access to them if they want. With dedicated web hosting servers the chances of data theft or malware attacks are obviously less but so is the case with shared hosting servers as well. Your data is secured on your system server and the chance of malware attacks are also less similar to that of the dedicated web hosting service. And that is a very beneficial advantage of the shared hosting service apart from the other ones.

    It is the era of highly advanced technologies customized as per the needs of the common users. When you get what you want in a simplified manner and in a cost-effective way, it is bound to make an impactful presence in the web world. The idea of shared cloud hosting is one such facility available to the users who get many advantages within a limited budget planning.

    Like you get almost all the facilities of a dedicated web hosting server within the budget of shared hosting. Thus, it is a boon to the small and growing business to use the shared web hosting services as they are the ones who are benefitted more with this facility.

    Cloudhulk is another name for Cloud shared hosting & High availability cloud hosting. With affordable domains and cheap Geotrust secured SSL certificates our shared cloud hosting services are talk of the town.
    Mike Sten

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    Benefits of Cloud Hosting
    Reliable — Cloud infrastructure consists of many servers with redundancies to protect against failures.
    On-demand scalability and flexibility — adjust server resources to meet your needs, freed from the limits of physical hardware.
    Flexible pricing — you only pay for the resources you use.

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    Benefits of Shared Hosting:

    1] Cost-effective: You can make an online presence at affordable rates and start your blog, business website, etc.

    2] Performance: Some providers offer a caching solution like Varnish Cache, which enhances the website loading speed. This power-packed feature improves website performance.

    3] Single Click Installs: You can make script installs of applications like Wordpress, Joomla and Magento instantly with a single click.

    4] Easy Control Panel: With easy to use Control Panel like cPanel or Plesk, you can effortlessly manage your hosting.

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    Any kind of Cloud hosting is better than Shared Hosting, because there you can have more server allocations and doesn't have to share with everyone.

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    Both Cloud and Dedicated Servers are appropriate as they provide you with all the useful resources required to run a website and online applications. Cloud services are faster and cheaper to set up than Dedicated Servers. With it, you can upgrade your disk space and RAM as per your need.

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    A shared cloud hosting is essentially a shared web hosting based on the cloud infrastructure. A cloud infrastructure consists of a group servers working together with redundancies to protect against hardware or software failures. Thus, a cloud based hosting is more robust, more redundant, and more reliable than a traditional hosting. The pay-as-you-go pricing of a cloud hosting plan makes it more flexible, more scalable, and generally more economical than a dedicated hosting plan.

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    Dedicated hosting: It is the advanced type of hosting in which a particular server is rented for a particular website only, thus providing complete privacy and security to the user. It is generally recommended for big businesses and websites that have a lot of traffic.

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