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    FASTPANEL vs CPanel

    I was a CPanel's client for some time but I didn't enjoy their pricing (starting from 15$). Then I decided to look for other panels and found FASTPANEL. I found out that it's absolutely free to use but has all the same functions that I need. Additionally, it's design is much better than CPanel's one. So now I am using FASTPANEL.

    Please, tell me why people use CPanel? As for me, it has no advantages and there is nothing to pay for. Waiting for your suggestions.

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    It is easy to use, but it does not lack in outstanding features that website owners can use. Knowing some of these features will help you see why cPanel web hosting is an amazing choice.

    Simple to Use for New Users

    It does not get much easier than using cPanel for managing websites. Applications are displayed with easy-to-understand graphics, so requirement of technical knowledge is minimal or none at all. With so many open-source applications in the web industry, cPanel works great due to its extensive compatibility.

    Many Useful Features

    While it is understandable for a control panel to have useful features, making them easy for people to use is another story. Fortunately, cPanel accomplishes this goal with flying colors, so tasks such as database maintenance or backing up code can be done without frustration
    Email is an important part of business, whether you are communicating with potential or existing clients, or networking with other industry-related companies. If you need to have multiple email users, or certain email addresses for your business, this is a possibility with cPanel.

    Security is another important part of keeping a website running smoothly, which is where cPanel gives you the tools you need to prevent attacks. From IP denial to password protection directories, there is no reason for website owners not to have an extremely secure website.

    Works with Softaculous

    If you want web applications on your website, installing them manually is not that challenging to do with a file management program that solves FTP-related necessities. However, Softaculous allows so many web applications to be installed with complete ease, including WordPress, which is an extremely popular blogging platform that millions of websites use to create unique and attractive websites.

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    We use CWP ( for users who can't afford the current cPanel pricing, it provides almost all the features offered by cPanel. You can find the demo installation here: It has a FAQ page: which will help you sort out any questions and if you've more to ask, then please make use of their forum:

    FASTPANEL is free of charge only for a period of at least 18 months. It still not support Incremental backups, PostgreSQL support, Integration of WAF based on ModSecurity, billing system like WHMCS, Blesta etc.

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