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    How To Build High Quality Backlinks Using Skyscraper Technique

    “It’s human nature to be attracted to the best,” says Brian Dean.
    That’s why the world’s tallest building, The Burj Khalifa attracts almost 2 million visitors per year. Hence in Digital Marketing what matters is how and from where to get in more Customers.
    Nowadays digital marketers are finding it increasingly difficult to capture the attention of their target audience. Also due to the heated up competition in marketing, they are not able to stand up to the expectations. As a result, marketers are finding a need for getting more creative, experimenting with new content mediums and varying their approaches to bringing in targeted new customers. Marketers are attempting to mix up styles of content in order to capture their target market’s attention; from lists to infographics and videos, content marketers are no longer simply writing blog posts in word format. Skyscraper technique has been a very important part of Digital marketing and SEO. This proven method of increasing high quality backlinks is followed by many of the Digital Marketing companies. Also, it has been one of the best assets for Digital Marketing and SEO Executives.
    Brian Dean first coined the phrase “Skyscraper technique” on his blog, which means he is the founder of this technique. The basic definition is a system for turning content into high-quality backlinks. The Skyscraper technique works as follows:
    Step 1: Find some link-worthy and highly ranked content
    Step 2: Make it even better
    Step 3: Outreach your content to the right people
    The first step in the Skyscraper Technique is to find a model piece of content. It should be unique, useful, helpful, valuable and most importantly something people genuinely want to link back to.
    The second step in the Technique is to take your linkable asset and make it even better.
    After the Linkable assets are identified and improvements are made, it is time to put the final part of the technique into action. Identify the right people and start connecting to them with your masterpiece.
    Benefits of Skyscraper Technique:
    - This technique helps you-Build high-quality content that is useful for your readers
    - Increase your social shares
    - Increase overall backlinks (most important for off-page SEO) to your blog posts.
    - Increase your blog comments
    - Increase your authority
    - Increase your blog exposure
    - Increase your overall blog traffic from search engines
    - Build strong relationships with other bloggers

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    Yeah, digital marketing is becoming more and more popular today.

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