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    Secure a Website

    What are the required parameter of website to make it more secure website ?

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    Make sure it has SSL installed. All applications/scripts installed should be up-to-date. Use strong passwords.

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    Use Secure Passwords
    Be Careful When Opening Emails
    Install Software Updates
    Use a Secure Website Hosting Service
    An SSL Certificate Keeps Information Protected
    Secure Folder Permissions
    Run Regular Website Security Checks
    Update Website Platforms And Scripts
    Install Security Plugins
    Watch Out For XSS Attacks
    Beware of SQL Injection

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    install SSL

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    Securing a website is a tedious task and everyone cannot be good at security. If web admins focus mainly on maintenance tasks when to secure the website? How can average users secure their site? The answer to all these questions is the Astra security suite.

    Astra makes security effortless for the average and the expert user. It is a plug and play solution and provides a nice, intuitive dashboard from where everything can be managed via a simple click.

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    for your website visitors secure website means the one with SSL - as their information that they enter is protected!
    to secure website from bots and other malicious activities, CDN as CloudFlare should help as it would mask your IP address and then there is a smaller risk of DDoS attacks!
    and about other security... make sure to use passwords that are unique and strong, don't install plugins to your website that are not reliable enough... should help

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    Thanks for share the knowledge.

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    Great knowledge your are shared

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    I think you should use a good firewall. Then check all kind of things. you should update it regularly. it's important to secure your website.

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    Keep websites secure and out of reach of hackers

    Once a website is developed and deployed, it is up to network administrators and IT managers to secure the website and keep it secure from the attackers. Here are some of the key items to consider.

    Keep Web Server Secure

    Web Server is one of the most important and critical components of a web infrastructure. Web server is responsible for hosting a Web site and its related code, services, and all required files.

    Here is a list of tasks Web server administrators should perform to keep Web and Database servers secure.

    Separate development, staging, and production environments
    Keep Operating System on its own hard drive partition
    Enable tight security on Web Server including permissions and access
    Keep separate user logins and their permissions based on their roles
    Remove unnecessary services and don’t install them during installations
    Disable remote access. If you must provide remote access, it should be on a secure network
    Keep web application, scripts, and all code on a separate partition of the hard drive
    Install Firewall and necessary products
    Websites should be secure using the latest version of SSL and other protocols
    Close all default open ports
    Make sure to change and separate Admin logins and passwords from Web application administrators
    Configure and enable Web server and other logs
    Provision web server for latest technologies such as containers
    Make sure to allocate and separate proper resources for web applications and services
    Avoid using shared servers among multiple clients
    Do not enable write permissions on server’s file system
    Secure Database Server

    Here is a list of tasks database administrators must do to secure database servers.

    Make sure database server is separate from a Web server
    Secure and encrypt login credentials
    Implement separate user logins for separate web applications
    Don’t give database users write and delete permissions unless necessary
    Use object permissions on database tables and objects
    Use secure mechanism to provide data access
    Store and monitor database logs
    Security Patches and Updates

    Keep your servers up to date with the current patches including OS patches, database upgrades, and other software upgrades.

    Monitor Traffic

    Implement proper mechanism to monitor server traffic and implement fraud protection mechanism for suspected traffic.

    Monitor Application Logs and Exceptions

    Web applications must implement recording of recommended logs and exceptions. Server administrators should work with application managers to monitor application logs and exceptions frequently.

    Audit Server Logs

    Monitor server logs frequently.

    Educate Users

    Server administrators must educate Web administrators, developers, and even management about the importance of security and discourage them to download and make frequent changes. All changes on the servers must be logged, reviewed, and approved.

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    if your site using Wordpress CMS, some security tips for your site are :
    - install the limited login attempt plugin
    - install the SSL
    - protect your credential login with strong passwords
    - regularly update your CMS and plugin
    - blocking unwanted traffics from any IP
    - etc

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    Install SSL certificate
    Stay away from nulled themes
    Disable file editing
    Log inactive users out
    Install security plugin
    Create backups regularly with backup pliugins
    Update WordPress in time
    WordPress Tips & Tutorials @

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    Use Secure Passwords
    Update your software.
    File Change Monitoring
    Monitoring Website Activity
    Use an Advanced Web Application Firewall

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