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    WordPress Hosting With Fastest Server

    I am currently hosted on shared hosting which is not performing good, My website loading time is very high. I want to decrease the loadtime, please help me in finding best managed cloud wordpress server which will be suitable for my website.

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    If you are talking about cloud solutions it means you buy fixed amount of services and have same monthly bills according to the price of the service you are using. In this case you overpay for not used sources and have downtime during the peaks. That is sad, but that is truth and that is how most of cloud providers work.
    But if you check here:
    You will see:
    - auto scaling - peaks will be services, no overpayments
    - clustering
    - replicated Data Bases
    They have a batch of providers supporting this.

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    I will recommend you the AccuWebHosting if you are searching for managed cloud WordPress hosting. Check the Small Business Website plan under cloud Linux hosting it might be suitable for you.

    Apart from that below are some points which will make your WordPress site faster.

    1 Installing WordPress Cache Plugin and Leverage Browser Caching
    2 Minifying CSS and JavaScript
    3 Optimizing Images
    4 Enabling gzip Compression, and
    5 Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
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    it depends on your website traffic quantity if you have more than 10k visitors per month use wpengine or kinsta
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    WordPress is free and open-source website management system to create websites, blogs, applications, business sites, portfolios and more. A PHP-based system, WordPress is world's most popular web management system with 50% share of the global CMS market. 32% of the entire internet is WordPress.

    "WordPress is a factory that makes webpages" is a popular adage for WordPress definition. The simplest, easiest, and most powerful content management system in the world.

    WordPress can be hosted on Azure on any operating system. Apps4Rent helps you in hosting your WordPress on Azure to help you build beautiful websites which are secure, responsive and SEO friendly.

    Key features available in WordPress on Azure:

    • Plugin system
    • Theme system
    • Application framework
    • Custom content type
    • Latest libraries
    • Simple to use
    • Highly customizable
    • Easy publishing
    • Publishing tools
    • User management
    • Media management
    • W3C standard compliant
    • Thousands of high-quality themes
    • Extend with plugins
    • Built-in comments
    • Supports more than 70 languages
    • Easy installation and upgrade
    • Importers
    • Full ownership of data
    • Fully open-sourced and free
    • Active WordPress community



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    If you're in need of Wordpress hosting for cheap, you may want to check
    Truxgo's Wordpress Hosting.

    It features SSD Storage, high port speed, DDoS protection, SSL Certificate, and full scalability.
    Starting at 1GB and up to 250GB in storage and at very affordable prices, starting at $0.99/mo.

    Three server locations to choose from (USA, Mexico and Japan), and full Wordpress plugin support.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alexmorco View Post
    I am currently hosted on shared hosting which is not performing good, My website loading time is very high. I want to decrease the loadtime, please help me in finding best managed cloud wordpress server which will be suitable for my website.
    If you want to decrease your loading time, does you have been check it the problem? Is the problem come from your hosting, or the loading time caused by the website configuration? To improve the high loading time, if your website using Wordpress CMS, you can try to install caching plugin, CDN features, and also try to compress your images file.

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    Before you move from your current hosting plan check the reasons behind your loading speed issue. You can do the following to reduce your loading time,
    *Optimize your cache
    *Minimize image size
    *Use a Content Delivery Network
    Still your website is facing the same issue, better move on to the next plan. Make sure that all your needs are guaranteed with your hosting provider.

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    Hey! Had a same problem last year. I tried to make my site faster, but failed it because all host servers I found was awful. I just bought one host, then another, then got tired of this and started to search for information. One of my friends told me about bluehost host servers and even shared a link with full review of this host. I have read it and decided to try it. Now my site is faster than the speed of light. I really love it. If you didn't solve your problem yet, you should try it too.
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    WordPress Managed hosting means that hosts administrative tasks, such as installing WordPress, security, speed, WordPress updates, daily backups, website uptime, and scalability. Nowadays it's a tough task to select a reliable managed hosting provider who fulfills your needs within a low budget. It's a great deal for you to go with the world's most rated WordPress Managed Hosting provider for your website/blog at a great low price.
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    For WordPress I think, as far as I am aware, BlueHost India has a great speed and uptime. Somehow, they have managed to grab the WordPress enthusiast's attention with the kind of speed, security and hosting servers that they are providing. A few of my own clients have been using it after I suggested them and its working well for them since say a year , year and a half.

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    DreamHost — Most Versatile WordPress Hosting Plans.

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    I am using Kinsta for my wordpress site. They are using Google Cloud premium infrastructure. You can read on their website speed comparisons vs other hosts. They are fast!

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