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    Angry Are you happy with the cPanel price increase?

    cPanel has dropped a bombshell on its customers with a price hike for its services that has left some running for the door marked exit. A price increase was expected, but I don't think anyone suspected the bombshell that came today. Today (June 27, 2019) cPanel announced a massive price increase and a complete change to their billing model, by adding an additional layer of billing per account.

    While small price increases are expected, Microsoft has had a number of 10-15% price increases over the years that we have endured without much issue, I don't believe anyone expected average price increases to be close to 100% (the average across our user base), doubling license pricing. Not only that, with the changes in the pricing model, we've seen users looking at close to 20x price increases, forcing them to re-evaluate their entire business model. but don't worry there are lots of free cPanel alternatives available, you choose of them.

    Are you happy with the cPanel price increase? please let us know in the comment section.

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    I wonder how some one can be happy with this shocking news? cPanel price increase has shaken the web hosting industry. Since they mention the prices will be changed with immediate effect, many companies will incur losses.

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    I can asure you that nobody is happy about that.

    A big punch on the face for all small hosting providers, that's what it is.
    Perhaps many will have to go for some open-source panel alternatives?
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    I'm sure that no one is happy with this. Most of our clients started to change their control panel because of this price changes in cPanel. We now use CWP ( for our users who can't afford the current cPanel pricing, it provides almost all the features offered by cPanel.

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