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    Post Content Management System Means Faster Updates and Not need of HTML

    Hi Friend !

    I would like to share some meaning of CMS.

    Content Management System Means Faster Updates:
    For example :
    Suppose at my current company, many people know that I put up Web pages, so when they have a request for a change, they often call me directly. However, unless it is simply a text error or bad link, I have to forward the request on to the content owner. Then, if the content owner would like the change made, she or he will request it through our work order system.

    With a content management system, the content owner could make the change directly, and bypass the work order completely. And with some content management systems, the requestor could submit the request through the content management tool, and it would be sent to the content owner to approve.

    Content Management System Means You Don't Need HTML:

    Most content managers work in a template environment. So, if you were to add a link to a new press release, you would enter in the link title, URL, and description into different fields in the content manager form. The CMS would then build the link for you. For longer text blocks, such as a full press release, many content managers are smart enough to do things like add paragraph tags, make links clickable, and put in other formatting. So that you can say Content Management System Means You Don't Need HTML.

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    Hi Alex,

    Yes I also agree with your thoughts. Content management is what every company needs to bypass most of the dependent tasks and get them done as soon as possible.
    With the help of content managemet system, companies aim to to migrates most of tasks to automation.

    What I think is, Drupal is one of the best platforms for content management system beacuse its pretty easy to use and install to. All you have to do is just download the software and you are all set to install it.

    Drupal is an open-source content management framework which is written in PHP and available under general public license.

    What you think?


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