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    Web Design and Ranking

    Does any change in web design affect the ranking of the website ?

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    It does have an effect on your organic traffic as a bad designed site doesn't has a big appeal, and as a consequence that may affect the total number of visitors, affecting your rank in the end.
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    Yes, it may indeed. If you are upgrading a static website to a dynamic website and making it SEO friendly then it will boost your ranking.

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    if it is not bot friendly, page value may change. otherwise it will not affect the website's ranking factor.
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    The design of a website matters and a web designer seeks out to give the site a new face lift but not entirely sure that the new web design is going to get good business by ranking the site higher in the search engines. Google, the giant, uses various methods to determine the ranking of a site. So, giving your website a new look by implementing marketing attempts is essential, and it impacts your site’s visibility on the search engines. What Google prefers is a user-friendly site because a good web design makes convenient for both the users and search engine to navigate the website easily.

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    A website redesign will affect your rankings in just about all cases. There are times that you won’t see a major change, but that is usually only when you retain the content, site structure (site map), etc. If you are redesigning a website, the content, structure, linking, and so on will probably change. This will affect your rankings.
    As you get ready to redesign a website, you should get some baseline metrics, so you have something to measure the changes against.
    I recommend the following:
    • Site Audit Report (something like a, or similar report)
    This report should show broken links, structure issues, and any other items you would address in the redesign
    • Rank Tracker Report
    Compile a list of major keywords (maybe get from client) and find out where the website ranks now
    • Traffic Report (probably google analytics or AWWeb Stats from the hosting server)
    Make sure you take this year’s and last year’s data for comparison. You need a full year to account for seasonal activity.
    • Page URL Mapping
    Get a catalog of existing pages. You will need this to redirect existing URLs to new ones in the redesign.
    • Metadata Catalog
    Catalog the existing metadata, at least for the major pages. You can compare this to the new website. I assume since you ask about rankings, on-page optimization will be part of the redesign.

    You need to do several activities once the website is ready or just launched. We have an internal launch checklist that is rather lengthy, but I will list the important items for SEO and ranking purposes.
    • Redirect URLs
    Create the proper redirects in an htaccess file or website plugin to ensure the search engines know where the old pages have relocated. A big reason you lose rankings can happen here, if you don’t redirect.
    • Create Sitemaps
    Create an XML and HTML sitemap and submit it through Google Webmaster Tools. Let Google know what is knew and what is changed. This doesn’t necessary help Google index the new pages faster, but it will get into their system!
    • Run New Reports (see above)
    Unfortunately, many redesigns take weeks if not months. Go ahead and run your baseline reports one more time, just to know if something changed while you were redesigning the website. This will also help check any broken links you may have created.
    • Turn on Indexing
    Often, developers turn off website indexing, because it is technically a live site, especially if it is WordPress, Joomla, or any other web-based CMS. Don’t forget to turn it back on. This has become the #1 reason a new website loses rankings!


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    Web design has a huge impact on website ranking. If the on-page of our website is completed in a proper way like meta tags, keywords, robots files, sitemap, etc then only our website will rank otherwise it will not.

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    A website redesign will affect your rankings in just about all cases. There are times that you won't see a major change, but that is usually only when you retain the content, site structure (site map), etc.
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