The AWS services have completely revolutionized the IT industry. The remarkable services provided by AWS have not only made your cloud computing more effective but it also saves a lot of resources and time. The AWS is becoming the first choice for startups because of its ability to provide powerful cloud architect. There are many AWS services available in the market and it has become difficult for the businesses to choose the right AWS option. This article discusses some of the best AWS services available in the market that you can use to build a cloud computing platform for your business.

The amazon web service is a pioneer in the cloud industry and more than 32% of the total cloud marketing share belongs to AWS. There are many well-known companies using AWS services to fulfil their business needs, such as CocaCola, NASA, NetFlix, BBC, Coursera, SoundCloud, Rovio Entertainment, etc. Here are the most effective amazon web services that you can use for your startup or business based on your cloud computing needs.

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