VisualWebTechnologies was created for those who don't always need the full slice of the pie. If you're a starter, a student, just want to host a static website or two and you're on a budget then VisualWebTechnologies is for you. We have Solid State Drive Nvme DirectAdmin web hosting plans available in the Germany.
Letís get to the basics.

Using DirectAdmin running the latest stable release.
CloudLinux Default Limits: 1GB RAM, 1 CPU, 20 EP.
Free Remote Daily Backups (Retained for 14 days).
Free SSL Certificates Issued via Directadmin.
Free Softaculous Apps, SEO tools & Sitepad builder.
The server is hosted in Munich, Germany.
Free website migration for Directadmin / cPanel hosted websites.
VisualWebTechnologies offers a 99.99% network availability rate.
And now to the plans!

1 GB Shared - £6 per year
1GB Solid State Storage
250GB Monthly Transfer
Host 10 Websites
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2 GB Shared - £9.00 per year
2GB Solid State Storage
500GB Monthly Transfer
Host 20 Websites
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4 GB Shared - £2.00 per Month
4GB Solid State Storage
750GB Monthly Transfer
Host 40 Websites
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I want to upgrade my shared hosting plan
- You can upgrade your plan by placing a order from our client area >> your product >> Upgrade/Downgrade (Instant upgrade and no need to change anything)

Can you migrate my website?
- Free Migration, Just open a ticket and we will quickly migrate your site to our server.

Can you install Wordpress?
Yes and also you can do this yourself by using our Softaculous Auto-installer software.

Note: Visitors and Google love websites which takes only few second and they hate slow website. Host your website on our server and Visitors/Google will love your website for quick loading speed.

Another Note: Providing a Quality server is our top priority.

If you have a question, please donít be afraid to ask via this thread, pm, or this contact page.
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