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    How to remove negative search related in SERPs?

    hello everyone please tell me How to remove negative search related in SERPs.

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    You need to build authoritative pages for that name to bury the bad result that is showing up in the search results.

    The best way to do this is to create profiles at places such as:
    Google +
    Amazon (write a book)
    and others.

    Create profiles here and get activity to them. Be active on them. It's hard I know, but if there's activity on them and this is seen by the search engines, then they'll rank higher.

    The more of these properties you can create, the better chance you have of pushing down that negative result.

    I've also seen Control Your Own Google Results which does actually help. I've used it for myself, and it's a nice service that seems to rank well.

    If you can't get the negative result removed, then the information I mentioned above is the best way to go about it.

    One more thing, sometimes the website that you are trying to push down is so authoritative that you will have an extremely difficult time pushing down that negative result. Ones I can think of off the top of my head are Yelp and RipoffReport.

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    1 – The easiest way to get rid of a negative review or comment is to contact the webmaster where negative content is published against your brand and request them to remove that content. ...
    2 – Submit a Legal Removal Request to Google. ...
    Page 1: ...
    Page 2:

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    Hello Friends,

    It is not easy to remove negative search results from SERP. The best way to get rid from them is to push down or displace those negative search results is to bring up positive search results.
    Here are the activities one can do to bring down negative terms:

    1) Create profiles by targeting that negative term. Update those profiles regularly.
    2) Create social media profiles with the same name for which negative review is appearing.
    3) Create blogging profiles on websites like wordpress,blogger, tumblr etc. Update them from time to time with good content
    4) Do interlinking of all the profiles that you have created to bring down that negative search term.
    If you do all these things properly then it will help in bringing down those negative search results from SERPs and display positive
    search results.

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    Remove results directly from Google.
    Remove from the source through negotiation.
    Remove from the source via legal channels.
    Paid removal.
    Weakening of negatives.
    Development and optimization of branded content.
    Review improvement and management.
    Optimization of existing content.

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