Hello there,

First of all, thanks for this board. i didn't find a way to introduce myself.
Im Vinc a Canadian. I need help, Im looking for dedicated or VPS server to be able to launch Zennoposter?
So I need VPS with Windows, but I don't know if have to pay Windows licence ?

I heard about differente company but Its still hard to choose. I checked on you website and found different one :

1 - https://www.hostsearch.com/review/de...any-review.asp
but dediwebhost looks down?

2 - https://www.hostsearch.com/company-info/siteground.asp site ground looks pretty popular on web but didn't find any way to check if software like Zennoposter are working?

3 - https://www.hostsearch.com/company-info/vpsag.asp looks very nice I seen Windows support for 10/mo.

Someone has any recommandation on this provider or other ?