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    The best way to reduce the spam score is to use high-quality links only. If the backlinks you’re using are of low quality, they’ll be tagged as spammed links. Make sure the links you’re using are from different domains. If you use links that share the same server address, they’ll automatically be identified as low-quality links. The number of links you use daily also matters. Avoid posting several links within a short period. You can set up intervals that allow you to link regularly without crowding your website.

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    You can reduce the spam score by removing shady/spam links and get quality backlinks for your website.

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    Create a text version. ...
    Avoid usage of spam sensitive words and phrases. ...
    Use normal text inside hyperlinks, instead of the URL. ...
    Use a proper from address.
    Use a proper subject line.
    Avoid HTML errors, unsupported techniques, obscure content, obfuscation.

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    So, to avoid your website getting blacklisted, you must check for the spam score of your website frequently. Apart from that, the spam score also reflects the SERP ranking, while the Google bots don’t likely to crawl the spammy websites and the ones infected with malware activities. So in the following piece, we will be discussing on how to reduce the spam score, and also how to shield your website from hackers and malware activities, and bringing it to achieve a satisfactory SEO score.

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    Hi friends,
    Spam score: It represents the percentage of similar features that are found/banned by Google. A page with a high spam score is not good in Google’s eyes. A page with less spam score will affect your website to increase your ranking position.

    How to reduce the spam score:
    The only thing you have to do is, You need to disavow all the spam links from your website and focus on quality links that are relevant to your niche. irrelevant links will harm your website and you may lose your ranking on SERP.

    The average spam score should be less than 5% is better. Through Google Search Console you can remove all your spam links from your website.

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    You're able to reduce the spam score by eliminating shady/spam links and secure top quality backlinks for your internet site.

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    Some ways to control your website's spam score are-

    - Try to keep a balance between do-follow and no-follow links
    - Do not add a large number of external links to your site or blog as it is considered to be spammy.
    - As you know, content is the king. So try posting quality content to stay away from Google penalties.
    - Add your contact information, social media profiles, etc. It would make your website more authentic.
    - Avoid using numerals in the domain names.
    - Make sure your site has strong internal linking

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    Spam score is the uniqueness of information on your website. Basically spamming on a website means that you are publishing copied and fake content on your website.

    In order to reduce that try to publish more unique content. Read other great blogs. Draw out inspiration and then draft it into your words with awesome tips that were not out there.

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    Spam score defines SPAM index associated with a webpage or URL. You can easily check spam score in Ahref or SERush tools.

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