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    Things that are not in our control are:

    1. Google quick ways to crawl your website

    2. How the people are searching your ads and site content

    3. Competitors activities

    4. Ranks of keywords

    5. Getting high-quality backlinks from high authority sites

    6. Websites attacks

    7. Technical errors

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    Hi Friends,

    The biggest SEO factor not in your control is Google! How exactly Google ranks websites is unknown. The company does not make public the search algorithms it uses, although SEO professionals have determined the best practices we adhere to in order to achieve results. However, Google doesn’t like young domains that aren’t yet tried-and-true, and you can’t control that if you’re launching a new site. Nor can you force people to link to your site, share your content, spend more time on your site, or come back to your site for another visit. Google looks favorably on all of these factors and ideally a marketing department is working hard to create content and user experiences that will make these happen, but these factors are beyond the control of the SEO person

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    -Google indexing and Crawling time
    -Competitors activities
    -keywords ranking time
    -spam links ( we can control them using google disavow but it takes time)
    -Page Authority and Domain Authority
    -Google Algorithm Update

    These are the few factors there are many other factors other than which you cannot control

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    A few years ago “article marketing” was a thing. Now it’s not. If you’re site relied on “article marketing” and related keywords to survive you’d be long dead. You can’t control how people search ad a super popular and powerful search term one year might not even exist next year. It’s important to always be looking at how your customer is searching NOW and not just how they always have. People and their search patterns change, and unless you want to go out of business your SEO program needs to evolve right alongside them. More than one business has gone out of business simply because the needs of their audience changed and they didn’t adapt. Don’t let that happen to your website.

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    Google quick ways to crawl your website.
    How the people are searching your ads and site content.
    Competitors activities.
    Ranks of keywords.
    Getting high-quality backlinks from high authority sites.
    Websites attacks.
    Technical errors.

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