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    If your site rambles, contains too many irrelevant images or contains other content elements that add more clutter than value, your bounce rate will likely rise because people aren't sure what you want them to do next.

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    Hi Friends,
    Reasons Your Website Can Have a High Bounce
    1. Slow-to-Load Page
    2. Self-Sufficient Content
    3. Disproportional Contribution by a Few Pages
    4. Misleading Title Tag and/or Meta Description
    5. Blank Page or Technical Error
    6. Bad Link from Another Website
    7. Affiliate Landing Page or Single-Page Site
    8. Low-Quality or Under Optimized Content
    9. Bad or Obnoxious UX
    10. The Page Isnít Mobile-Friendly
    11. Wonky Google Analytics Setup

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    Reasons that cause a high bounce rate are -

    1. The content’s readability is not up to the mark
    2. Bad or Obnoxious user experience
    3. No proper Call to action
    4. Content is plagiarised and not so engaging
    5. The page takes a lot of time to load
    6. Site is not Mobile-Friendly
    7. Misleading Title Tag and/or Meta Description

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    A high bounce rate can be an indicator that something is wrong. It commonly signifies that your mailing list is obsolete, which means that a lot of addresses are closed and no longer exist. If this is the case, you need to act on it immediately.

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    - Irrelevant content
    - Irrelevant backlinks
    - Too many links
    - Slow webpage loading
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    Higher website loading time, irrelevant content main issues that increase bounce rate of site.

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