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    Zak Servers has started to accept Bitcoin as a payment method

    We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for our offshore dedicated servers and other services. Zak Servers is always trying to improve our services and make them more user friendly. All Bitcoin payments will be instantly credited to your invoices and invoices will be marked as paid, as soon as the payment is confirmed.

    For any questions or queries, don't hesitate to contact us, we are here for you 24/7/365.

    Zak Servers Website:
    Zak Servers offers reliable offshore dedicated servers with 7 offshore datacenter locations, VPN, SSL certificates, and Domain names, all services are covered by our 24/7/365 customer caring support.

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    It's great that more and more websites are accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. It's really not that surprising when you think about it. The rise of cryptocurrencies is taking over the World, and it's mostly because of Bitcoin. In the last few weeks Bitcoin was everywhere in the news because of its record-breaking price. This popularity brings other guys that would do anything to steal Bitcoin that you have. That is why it's important to use a Bitcoin mixer which will make sure your transactions are safe. They will always find ways to steal, and we can't play with something that valuable.

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    That's really cool! So many platforms and companies started accepting bitcoin, which is great in my opinion. This is developing more and more, and I'm very excited about new opportunities.

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    This is a good choice for progress because modernity does not stand still and is constantly evolving, so in this case it is important to find such points of contact in which you can find valuable opportunities. Personally, I found advantages in which I had to find sources that offer blockchain games. This became my path to success.

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    I agree with you, I really thin Play To Earn game are the futur of gaming, it become a way to success for me too.

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    Thank goodness. Because it really annoys me when I, working with digital companies, try to pay with bitcoins and they tell me that it is impossible and they don't work that way. Dudes, this is the 21st century, wake up! I understand that crypto is down but absolutely everything is down now because there is a global crisis. Read this article maybe something will make sense to you.
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