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    What do you think are the factors to consider before taking a web server

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    Read other clients' or customers' testimonials. Try to contact the current customers of the web host provider of your choice and see if they are satisfied with the kind of services being rendered by the web host provider.

    For instance, you can try service. Their plans are quite cheap when you figure what you're getting for them.
    As for their servers, they are really fast.

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    Check these before buying,
    1. Hardware.
    2. Price.
    3. Features.
    4. Tech support.
    5. Limitations.
    6. customers Reviews
    7. Scalability serving since 2008
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    1) Cost for hosting the basic website - this should be rock bottom
    2) Data transfer costs - these can be HUGE, especially if your customers are going to browse lots of great looking catalogs! Make sure you do the math in advance since this can really kill your profitability
    3) Cost of sending bulk emails from your website to your customers - again, this can add huge costs to your operations
    4) Data speed/pipeline - normal and peak numbers
    5) Admin responsibilities - backup plans, database logs/maintenance - make sure the site has agreed to specific SLAs
    6) Ability to do custom coding and use third party interfaces on your website - you can get a basic eComm site up and running quickly, but are you going to be able to differentiate it/extend it in the future, or will you be at the mercy of the web hosting provider? This is extremely critical from a long term perspective.
    7) Ability to run basic gamification and loyalty programs for your customers.
    8) Licensing of required software/OS/DB for your software - again, this can make a huge difference to the final costing

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    Price. This is the aspect most of us will look at first when choosing a hosting provider; however, it shouldn't be the deciding factor. ...
    Area of Focus / Specialties. ...
    Tech Specs / Limitations. ...
    Tech Support. ...
    Features / Add-Ons. ...
    Hardware. ...
    Customer Reviews / Satisfaction / Reputation. ...
    Email Features.

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    Choosing a web host for your website is a big decision as it is an important ... that you need to consider when choosing the right web hosting provider for your business. ... But before you can even consider any of them, you need to know the ... than having to find a new host and migrating your entire website.

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    Price– You want an affordable provider, but you also need reliability. ...
    Focus Areas or Specialties– ...
    Features and Limitations – ...
    Technical Support – ...
    Features and Add-ons. ...
    Hardware – ...
    Reputation/Satisfaction/Customer Review – ...
    Email Features –

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    A web server is server software, or hardware dedicated to running this software, that can satisfy client requests on the World Wide Web. A web server can, in general, contain one or more websites. A web server processes incoming network requests over HTTP and several other related protocols.
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    The price is usually inversely proportional to the level of service and reliability of the equipment. I am not urging you to choose the most expensive options. But the too cheap price should alert you.
    The best option is to request a trial period and evaluate the hosting performance, the level and volume of technical support.
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