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    Customer friendly ECommerce Web Design

    Customer satisfaction is an important goal of any business. You must ensure that your web site is customer friendly and offers a satisfying shopping experience to your patrons and visiting customers. If more customer visits your online store, the better the profit your business will get because of the number of visiting customers who will likely make a purchase of your product.

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    When we enhance customer relations, service and support are what we often think of. You expect these teams to be effective, resourceful, and dedicated when assisting customers in dealing with their issues.

    Nevertheless, maintaining customers goes beyond high-quality customer service. Satisfying customers and stimulating them to pour more money into your brand is not enough. Actually, this could lead them to feel transactional and less valuable to your company.

    Instead, it’s important to enhance the customer experience to increase the long-standing with your brand. You’ll need to show that you respect your relationship with them and not just the money they invest in your business. Therefore, you should necessarily have consistent engagement with customers, showing your dedication to their demand.

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    Hi there,

    Responsive design is the “big thing” in web design right now. But if you are not a designer, you may be wondering what this term means. You might also be unsure as to whether or not business’s website should be implementing responsive design, especially if you do not understand the concept.

    Responsive design can help you solve a lot of problems for your website. It will make your site mobile-friendly, improve the way it looks on devices with both large and small screens, and increase the amount of time that visitors spend on your site. It can also help you improve your rankings in search engines.

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    Here I have some 6 ways to make your e-commerce site as customer friendly.

    1. Branding - Customers want to see your logo and your brand's colors in ways that are instantly recognizable.
    2. What do Your Customers Want? - If you want to keep your customers coming back then provide them with special offers, discounts, cash-back, easy installments, free shipping e.t.c
    3. Easy Sign In/Sign Up - Don't confuse your customer for sign in and sign up process. Test those forms with actual users before putting them on your e-commerce site.
    4. Payment Gateway - Customers will be frustrated by an unpleasant surprise like payment failed, payment error or amount deducted but the transaction failed to purchase, please you have to be very careful during these steps.
    5. Thank you page - After doing purchase there must be a 'Thank you page' if not customers think still payment is in progress or website is not secure to do payments.
    6. Send confirmation mail - Once all final steps are done, you need to automate your page so that customers should receive the product confirmation mail with shipping address and other details.

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