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    Post How Technology Has Changed Life & Traditional Business? | Benefits of Online Shopping

    If shopping without walking a few miles has become possible, it is because of technology. Over the last few years, the e-commerce industry has reached a whole new level and it is growing consistently. Undoubtedly, if the technology had not advanced, the easy online shopping experience you see nowadays wouldn’t have been possible.

    Thanks to a variety of avant-garde software and applications, online businesses are being able to reach customers globally and boost their sales. Similarly, shoppers are benefiting by saving their time and energy which they would have otherwise wasted on visiting physical stores. Plus, technology has made online payments smooth, simple and safe, thereby encouraging more businesses and customers to go online.

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    technology has created a whole other platform for consumers to consume. It has made the process of purchasing goods and creating goods to be easier and more convenient. The online process for both these industry has created an outlet for many people to become publishers or sellers. They are able to have power over what they produce and give out to its consumers. Technology, in this sense, has improved the process of online consumption and allows individuals to be the creator.

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    I'll show you some benefits of e-commerce and online shopping to see how technology has changing our life:
    Global market: A geographical area will always limit a brick-and-mortar store it can serve. However, an online store can reach its customers all around the globe. Growing from a local customer base to a global scale at no extra cost is really one of the most significant advantages of selling online. In 2018, 11.9% of global retail sales came from online shopping, and this number is estimated to increase year on year.
    Around-the-clock availability: E-commerce can be more beneficial when it is always open. It is a great increase in sales opportunities for business owners, and it’s an available and convenient option for customers. Not limited by the working hours, E-commerce businesses can serve customers 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
    Lower operational costs: As there’s no need to maintain a physical storefront or hire sales staff, E-commerce businesses benefit from significantly reduced costs. The major E-commerce expenses go to product storage and warehousing. And those running a dropshipping business even enjoy lower initial investment requirements.
    Better inventory management: E-commerce businesses can better take control of their inventory by using automatic tools to accelerate ordering, delivery, and payment processes. It will save billions in inventory and operational costs for businesses.
    Targeted marketing: By accessing a wealth of customer data, buying behavior, and emerging industry trends, E-commerce businesses can keep track and shape their marketing efforts to offer a better-personalized experience. Showcasing relevant products based on past purchase behavior, for instance, can lead to higher average order value (AOV) and makes shoppers feel like you truly understand them as an individual.
    Effective niche marketing: It can be challenging to run a niche physical business, as it requires a lot of effort to scale a niche product. But by tapping into a global market, E-commerce retailers can set up a highly profitable niche business.

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    Yeah that's true technology has really transformed how people buy and how the transactions are being made.

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    The internet, mobile phones, and social media platforms have revolutionized the ways businesses connect with their employees and customers. Similarly, businesses connect with their customers through technology and communicate their responses through social media platforms.

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    Oh, man, technology has changed our lives like hell. With simple mouse clicks, customers can make a virtual "hike" around the store, bringing their favorite products closer for a more detailed examination, or by clicking on the picture, which immediately connects the client with the store staff, who are ready to give advice on the availability of this product and organize its payment and delivery. Also, Alitools can help them very well when making purchases
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