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    PINVDS-budget vds from 319₽ / month(~4.64$) in the Russian Federation!

    We present to Your attention a line of virtual dedicated servers from the PIN company

    For over 13 years, our company has been providing high-quality telecommunications services to tens of thousands of users. In recent years, we have received multiple requests for VDS/VPS services, so we decided to launch this service on the basis of our own data center located in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation. A distinctive feature of our rates is the increased amount of RAM and completely unlimited traffic at speeds up to 1 Gbit/s. Guaranteed bandwidth for each virtual server is achieved by connecting nodes at speeds from 10 to 40 Gbit / s to the backbone network, as well as the total bandwidth of external channels of more than 400 Gbit/s.

    The configuration of VPS:
    pin 1 (CPU 1 core, 2GB RAM, 10GB disk space)-319 RUB (~$4.62) /month
    pin 2 (CPU 1 core, 4Gb RAM, 20GB disk space)-549 RUB (~$7.94) / month
    pin 3 (CPU 1 core, 8Gb RAM, 40GB disk space)-869 RUB (~$12.57) / month
    pin pro 1 (CPU 2 cores, 16GB RAM, 80GB disk space)-1610 RUB (~$23.29) / month
    pin pro 2 (CPU 2 cores, 32GB RAM, 160GB disk space)-3190 RUB (~$46.15) / month

    Features for all plans:

    Instant VPS Activation
    Free Dedicated IPv4
    Free Anti-DDoS Protection
    Full root access
    Up to 1Gbps Connection
    24/7/365 Support
    Аbsolute unlimited traffic
    Available OS-es: Centos(6,7,8), Debian(8,9,10), Ubuntu(18.04,16.04)
    KVM Virtualization

    Our capabilities and resources allow you to create a complete virtual analog of a physical server.

    Contact Us
    ICQ: 383813111
    WhatsApp, Viber: +7(931)358-68-36

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    Important message! From September 1, VDS from $1.35!

    PIN company announces new tariffs! We took from the old tariffs increased RAM and unlimited traffic at speeds up to 1 Gbit / s, added the number of processor cores and expanded disk memory, and all in order for each client to appreciate the advantages of the new VDS at the old price. From September 1, the following tariffs are available for connection:

    PVR mini (CPU 1/ RAM 512МВ / DISK 7 GB SSD) - 99₽ (~$1.35) /month
    PVR lite (CPU 1/ RAM 1 GВ / DISK 8 GB SSD) - 159₽ (~$2.16) /month
    PVR start (CPU 2/ RAM 2 GВ / DISK 10 GB SSD) - 319₽ (~$4.34) /month
    PVR optimal (CPU 2/ RAM 4 GВ / DISK 20 GB SSD) - 549₽ (~$7.46) /month
    PVR active (CPU 2/ RAM 8 GВ / DISK 40 GB SSD) - 869₽ (~$11.81) /month
    PVR advance (CPU 3/ RAM 8 GВ / DISK 60 GB SSD) - 1290₽ (~$17.53) /month
    PVR premium (CPU 4/ RAM 16 GВ / DISK 80 GB SSD) - 1610₽ (~$21.88) /month
    PVR expert (CPU 4/ RAM 32 GВ / DISK 160 GB SSD) - 3190₽ (~$43.35) /month
    Features for all plans:
    vestacp control panel
    OS on Linux or Windows platform
    dedicated IPv4
    DDoS protection
    full root access
    support 24/7/365
    absolute unlimited traffic
    KVM virtualization

    Do not miss the opportunity to use the extended VDS service. Save your budget and don't settle for less.

    Contact Us
    ICQ: 383813111
    WhatsApp, Viber: +7(931)358-68-36

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