Description: The “Digital India Mission” aims to create a digital footprint across the Indian cities. Cloud technology being the key to Digital Transformation, it is gaining momentum across the Indian government organizations.

Government Community Cloud:

Government community cloud serves as the building block for digitization of government organizations delivering enhanced governance services. Government community cloud ensures heightened security of confidential information confining it within the Indian geographical borders.

ESDS Government Community Cloud:

ESDS Government Community Cloud serves the Indian government contributing to Digital India Mission. It enhances the governing services ensuring all government services to be accessible easily to the public. ESDS is the first cloud company to have achieved MeitY empanelment for delivering GCC services to Government customers in India.

Why Should You Choose ESDS GCC?

1) Scalable IT infrastructure: ESDS delivers a scalable IT infrastructure to manage huge volume of public data
2) The DC/DR suit: The DC/ DR ensure business continuity in case of disasters
3) Heightened Security: Confidential data confined within the Indian geographical borders
4) Accessibility: Quick access to government services
5) Email as a service: Secures the email communication of government officials
6) Out of Office no longer a barrier: Officials can work from anywhere, at any time and from any device
7) Automation: GCC drives the digital transformation automating the governing processes
8) Grievance Reporting System: GCC delivers iPAS, HMIS, HRMS, LOS grievance reporting system
9) Smart City Project: GCC delivers exuberant solutions to satisfy smart city needs
10) Transparency: It delivers a complete transparent system ensuring seamless collaboration
11) It delivers OS, DB and network management as a service
12) It offers cloud solutions like IaaS, PaaS and SaaS

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