Most businesses want a website to promote their company, display their products or services, and connect to customers. Not only businesses but websites are also popular among individuals as more teenagers tend to create blogs about things that interested them in the recent years.

If you need a website apart from developing it and registering a domain name you have to buy a hosting service. Hosting is essentially an internet service of renting computing power and disk space to host websites. With this service you can host scripts, images, databases, email and other files on the server.

If you develop a dynamic website rather than a static website you need a web hosting package that includes a database. With it you can manage dynamic information for you site. If you are using PHP then you should choose Linux hosting but if you develop a site using ASP.NET you have to buy a Windows hosting plan. Keep in mind that it is best to choose a hosting provider using the datacenter that is geographically closest to your target audience for minimum latency and faster site loading time.

Selecting the type of hosting service that is suitable for your website is important to allow it to run smoothly.

  • Shared hosting is best for most websites that has low traffic. It is the most economical web hosting solution as a server are shared among a number of websites. Select this hosting plan if you have just started to create a website.
  • If your website has specific requirements a VPS should serve you better than a shared hosting package. VPS is a virtual private server that is a slice of a physical server through virtualization technology. It behaves like a dedicated server so you can do almost anything in your website without any limitations at an affordable price. VPS hosting is also more stable than shared hosting. Thus, it is suitable for medium traffic websites.
  • Dedicated hosting is required for websites with very high traffic and high concurrent access that a VPS cannot handle. Dedicated server is the most expensive hosting plan for your website but it does offer you maximum performance and reliability. If you have enough budget you may as well buy a server and just pay for the monthly colocation cost. In this way you can lower your monthly payment.

Last but not least you have to choose a decent hosting provider to ensure maximum uptime for your website and ensure a competent after sale service.