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    How can I create a website free of cost?

    How can I create a website free of cost?

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    Hi Friend,
    3 Best Website Builders to Create a Website for Free of Cost:
    • Wix – Best Website Builder to Create Your Own Website Free of Cost.
    • uKit – Powerful Website Builder to Create a Website for Your Business.
    • WordPress – The Best Hosted Platform (CMS) for Website or Online Store.

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    There are many platforms from where you can make free website like Blogspot, WordPress, etc. These websites are good until you are making websites for fun but if you are looking forward to do business or monetize that site from any other means that I won’t recommend you to go for it.

    if you really wanna make money through your site but don’t have huge amount of money to invest, then i will recommend you to go for Siteground hosting

    Siteground is one of the most popular web hosting providers that offer multiple hosting options for your business. These include managed Shared, WordPress, Cloud, WooCommerce, and dedicated server.

    So, let’s see whether the SiteGround hosting is the right choice for you or not. I have tested and watched the performance for over 3 months. So, I am going to share my results about SiteGround hosting.

    I have used Pingdom to watch it's performance and the speed as well. I have monitored their response time, uptime and many more things which I'll be discussing in this article.

    Below you'll see a quick description of SiteGround hosting.

    Hosting Plans

    Shared, WordPress, Cloud, WooCommerce, and dedicated server



    Average Load Time

    629 ms


    24/7 live chat support


    One-click WordPress installation, a free SSL certificate, daily backups, high speed, high security, and great customer support. ( You won’t get these amazing and much needed features in a free website)

    Package Plans

    Starting at $3.95/month

    Money-Back Guarantee

    30-days ( What else do you want!)

    Here are some amazing things that I have experienced while using Siteground hosting for my site.

    1. Excellent Uptime

    Having an excellent uptime is one of the most important aspects for any website on the internet. It is the topmost priority for every customer to have a high percentage of uptime.

    We have seen that SiteGround uptime performance has always been consistently amazing. One should aim to have uptime rates of over 99.95% but SiteGround offers even more amazing uptime i.e. 99.99%.

    Not every hosting company guarantees to have the best uptime throughout, but SiteGround does. And if their uptime falls below 99.9% they will refund your money within 30 days.

    I monitored several sites hosted by SiteGround and I have never seen them go below 99.98% which is quite impressive

    I hope this will help to you

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    You should realize that there is no good free or cheap solution of something. To create some good website - you must pay a lot of attention to every step of your online business.

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    The platform where you can create your website free of cost - Wix, Wordpress, Weebly, Webnode

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    Free websites builders which do not cost any money are- Blogger, WordPress, Wix, Mozello, Jomdo, IM Creator.
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    Wordpress or Wix. There's probably some others out there too, but I'd tend to go with Wordpress' free version in case you want to upgrade to a paid site down the line. It's easier to do with Wordpress in my opinion and offers more flexibility.

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    For beginner Who is Not Much friendly With Coding and Programming they Can Also Make Dynamic Website in Few Steps, Follow the Below Steps:
    #1. Use any Free or Premium Website Builder.
    #2. Create your Awesome Website using Drag and Drop Method.
    #3. Build Dynamic and Static Website with Website Builder.

    Here are the Some Website that you can use and make Awesome Websites.

    #1. Wix.
    #2. GoogieHost Website Builder
    #3. Wordpress .com

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