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TuchaKube: reliable Kubernetes clusters for software development and construction of high-load information systems

TuchaKube is a container infrastructure and CI/CD process automation service, based on Kubernetes clusters. The platform is suitable for developing software products and building high-loaded information systems.
The service provides automatic launch of processes such as building, compiling, testing, packaging, containerization, and publishing of applications in both test and production environments. Among the working features are collecting and storing statistical data, monitoring, clustering, horizontal scaling, and much more. And the main feature of the service is the automation of CI/CD processes with the help of Tucha DevOps engineers.
We invite you to test the features of TuchaKube! If you have a need and a real task, we are ready to do a pilot project for you and provide test resources for a period of up to 30 days.
To learn more about the platform, contact us, or send a request to order the service on the Tucha website: